Gradebook: Atomic Blonde

GRADEBOOK: Atomic Blonde

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Ashley Menzel: Atomic Blonde (6/10)

David Leitch as a director had a great vision of what he wanted the film to look like and the atmosphere he wanted to create. The film is a visual treat with great cinematography and really impressive visuals. The opening scene is beautiful with the snow falling and created an almost surreal and otherworldly aesthetic. He continues along that theme with creating well-framed shots that are both interesting and well-crafted. The action in the film is superb but the long drawn out moments of dialogue are neither interesting nor exciting and bring down the entire film as a whole.

Zachary Marsh: Atomic Blonde (9/10)

Aside from being a bit too predictable at times, as well as Charlize Theron’s character being a little too dumb when it comes to knowing who the mole of the story is, I thought Atomic Blonde was a non-stop blast from start to finish. The soundtrack is awesome, the action kick-ass, and the story pretty engaging, to say the least. To my surprise, I had more fun seeing this than I did seeing Baby Driver. Charlize Theron is a certified badass, and James McAvoy is a lot of fun as well. Even when the cuts in the 10-15 minute long single-take action scene are obvious, the scene is so fun and intense that I could forgive that. I’m not going to call this a perfect movie or anything, but I will say that this is one of the most entertaining and fun times I had at the movies this summer. I’m so excited to see this again, and better yet, take friends to see this so I can just enjoy this experience with them.

Mark Krawczyk: Atomic Blonde (7.5/10)

This is was an entertaining yet predictable spy thriller. Charlize Theron is in top action movie form in this film. Her fight scenes are as brutal as I have seen since Haywire. Also, her character was one that had a lot of layers which I enjoyed. I does have a bit of a pacing issue and there are going to be more slow parts than action movie fans may like. The story it self is a basic spy cross/ double cross film. I did very much enjoy the sound track and it added some fun to the fights. It has a very european feel to it so domestic audiences may not be able to get into it. James McAvoy. While this did not blow me away I was entertained through out. It is not one that needs to be seen on the big screen. If you are interested in seeing the film, I would recommend an early show, 5 buck Tuesday or wait for rental.

Nick Casaletto: Atomic Blonde (6/10)

Atomic Blonde isn’t a terrible movie per se, it’s just a painfully forgettable one. The ending sets up for a sequel, and if it makes enough money at the box office – which I’m sure it will – we can only hope that a more seasoned director takes the helm, and learns from the faults of this first entry. There is an exciting world to be explored in Atomic Blonde, so I wouldn’t mind coming back for a sequel if it’s done properly.

Daniel Rester: Atomic Blonde (7.1/10)

While the plotting and characters of “Atomic Blonde” feel mostly been-there-done-that, the film still offers up some strong performances, exciting action, and eye-catching, neon-soaked visuals. One extended fight scene in a stairwell is jaw-dropping in its staging. A few other scenes pop as well, and the soundtrack has some energy to it. “Atomic Blonde” is fun if forgettable summer entertainment, something made with tremendous skill but devoted to a bland script.

Tony Estrada: Atomic Blonde (6/10)

The feature excels when it comes to its intense and beautifully-choreographed action sequences but not so much when it comes to the storytelling. The best scene in the entire movie is a stairway sequence leading up to a room that leads up to a chase which is filmed in one continuous shot which makes me wish that the rest of the movie was like that because not only was it an intense thrill ride but there were comedic bits included to make it even more fun. Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and the rest of the cast are really giving it their all but it’s just a shame that the storyline had to be so unengaging and even the soundtrack doesn’t flow well with the action sequences. The plot is not only unengaging but it’s really complicated too — so complicated that I was really confused on what was happening plus it takes forever for this feature to actually have an ending. Atomic Blonde is entertaining enough because of the extremely brutal and well-choreographed action sequences but the story of our lead character investigating in Berlin really wasn’t anything that interesting and I just found myself rather bored when an action scene wasn’t happening.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Atomic Blonde: 6.9/10

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