Gradebook: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Gradebook: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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batman v superman : dawn of justice

Craig Kandiko: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: 9/10 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is fantastic. I’ve seen the movie twice and it was even better the second time around. The movie has some flaws, but the overall product is an awesome glimpse into what DC Comics and Warner Bros. have up their sleeves for future installments of their cinematic universe. The movie has stunning visuals, a hard-rocking soundtrack, jaw-dropping action, kick ass fight choreography, and mind blowing twists and turns. Ben Affleck nails it as Bruce Wayne and his scenes as Batman were ripped right out of comics and video games. Henry Cavill once again shines as Clark Kent and Superman. Jesse Eisenberg truly is diabolical and psychotic as Lex Luthor. He owns the role. Who really steals the show is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. If you had any doubts, throw them all out the window, because Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice is one of the ultimate movies of superhero mythology.

Kevin Morrison: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice:  6.5/10

A solid movie with many flaws, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a great 3rd act and interesting story all with thrilling performances and characters, such as Ben Affleck as the definitive live-action Batman and Gal Gadot as a great Wonder Woman, but the dark tone and style of the film brings that down significantly. Most of the 2nd act is tedious and near-impossible to enjoy because of that style and the fact that not much is going on. It’s not going to be for everyone, but if you want to see a dark and intense (and I mean INTENSE) superhero team-up movie, go for it. General audiences I feel won’t get much out of the experience until the 3rd act and might want to wait til Blu Ray to fast-forward to it. I know I will definitely be seeing the Director’s Cut when it is released, which hopefully will fix some of my issues, but making a whole 2 1/2 hour movie dark and tense with no real breathers for something that is supposed to be really enjoyable…yeah, not for me. It’s a mixed bag, but has enough good things in it that I found it to be slightly above average and I’m glad I watched it.

batman v superman : dawn of justice

Ryan Meyers: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: 7.5/10 

Reviews which state that the trailer spoilt it missed the entire movie. Batman V Superman is as intense as Snyder’s Watchmen. Granted, it aims more at setting up than delivering a story. But it does deliver a lot and fleshes out a lot of what it promises. This movie has more psychological action than tension, and that is probably the reason why there may be an extremely negative take on the movie. Keep in mind that if you want a little humour with brains and brawns, you may not be a worthy audience for this one.

Tony Estrada: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: 7.5/10 

A solid superhero movie that is a bit incoherent with its plot structure and does have some sloppy editing at times but it manages to have me engaged throughout its entire running time thanks to the really good writing, awesome direction, and awesome visual effects. Performances from everyone are absolutely great including Jeremy Irons as Alfred who was fantastic and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor who did a great job despite the fact that I don’t buy him as Lex Luthor. Ben Affleck made a fantastic Bruce Wayne and Batman as we get to see a more brutal and more damaged character this time around and you can understand why he is angry at Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman which Henry Cavill continues to do a great job of portraying. The action sequences are exciting and thrilling to watch especially in the climax which was awesome and the score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL was absolutely terrific. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a solid and well-written film with an amazing clash between two of the most iconic superheroes together on screen for the first time and I think that alone makes the movie very memorable and very satisfying.

batman v superman: dawn of justice

Bryan Sudfield: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 6/10

As someone who didn’t go into this film with much expectations, I thought it was alright. Ben Affleck was marvelous as a damaged, intense Bruce Wayne/Batman and by the far, the best part of the film. I love the action sequences and cinematography, with them being way better than Man of Steel’s action and shots. The story and editing are where the problems lie within the film. If it was shorter, I would have been fine. But, I will say that I’m excited to see where this story in the DC Universe goes!

Mark Krawczyk: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 8.5/10

As someone who loved Man Of Steel and a Batfan you would think I had high expectations for the film, just the opposite. I went in with Zero expectation. I wanted to experience the movie on its own and I can say I was highly entertained. As mentioned by many, the person people were most worried about ended up being the strongest part, Batman. Ben Affleck does fantastic and I loved his older bitter bat. Superman was decent in this as well and for the short time we get Wonder Woman in the battle, she was impressive. I can’t wait for her film. There are issues with it but I was able to look past those because I was having too much fun with the action scenes and cinematography. I love Zach Snyder’s visuals but think this movie was too big for him. If it was trimmed up, improved editing and they narrowed the focuse to just BvS it would have been phenomenal. Still I had a blast.

Daniel Rester: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: 7/10 

Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is an ambitious but disjointed superhero epic. The cast is uniformly strong, though Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons come across best while Jesse Eisenberg feels out of place. Some of the filmmaking, from the direction to the editing to the music choices, is sloppy and awkward, while at other times the movie really shines. A few of the action sequences were really impressive, and most of the scenes with Batman were involving. This certainly isn’t a great film, but I lean towards the positive in my mixed feelings.

Nick Casaletto: Batman V Superman: 8/10

After seeing this film twice, I can conclude in sound body and mind that this is indeed a really good film! It’s not perfect, the first half is messy and choppy but once things kick into gear, boy is it an event to witness. Affleck was born to play the caped crusader and the story was mature and took genuine risks. Some plot lines could be taken out and I would of liked a few more “clap worthy” moments, but all in all, this is an event film and for a more mature audience that loves these characters!

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Batman V Superman : 7.5/10 

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