Gradebook: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017)

Beauty and the Beast

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Ashley Menzel: Beauty and the Beast (10/10)

I rarely give a film a 10 but Beauty and the Beast deserves it. The film is fantastic in every aspect. The costume design, make up, performances, music and visuals are spot on. They take the magic of the original film and up the ante bringing us easily the best remake to date.

Nick Casaletto: Beauty and the Beast (9.5/10)

No matter what way you spin it, this tale as old as time stands the test of time. I felt the magic of “be our guest” in a brand new way, with gorgeous imagery and has my heart fill with warmth once their iconic dance started. The 2017 Beauty and the Beast set out precisely what it intended to do, and that’s give both new and old audiences a romance story that truly is timeless. I would be the first to nitpick any complaints on this retelling, being a Disney fanboy and all. And you know what?

No complaints.

Daniel Rester: Beauty and the Beast (7.8/10)

Though this unnecessary live-action remake never escapes the shadow of the masterful animated film, it’s still an entertaining and handsome film. The sets, costumes, and music are all first-rate, and the film is perfectly cast — with Luke Evans especially stealing every scene he’s in as Gaston. There are a few little changes to the story, with some working better than others. The only major issue I had with the film is that some of the sound mixing felt jumbled. While the film is just a cash-grab remake, at least it’s not a terribly made one.

Tony Estrada: Beauty and the Beast (8.5/10)

The 1991 animated film is a near-masterpiece and the 2017 remake captures the magic so well that’s close to being on par with the animated film. The musical numbers along with some of the new ones were wonderful, the performances are terrific as they capture the spirit of the characters in the animated film, and Bill Condon’s direction is just breathtaking. The production and costume design were also breathtaking and I found myself caring for the main characters a little more in the 2017 remake than the animated film thanks to the film adding more depth to them. There are a couple of changes that didn’t quite work and the singing a few times didn’t flow well but that doesn’t stop the magic that this remake brings. Beauty and the Beast respects the 1991 animated film by recreating the iconic scenes we’ve grown up and loved but also does such a glorious job of adding some new material including new musical numbers to really keep it from being a copy and paste remake.

Matt Marshall: Beauty and the Beast (8/10)

Did we need a remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when the 1991 animated masterpiece has stood the test of time? Not at all. That didn’t stop Disney from delivering their best live-action remake to date. The live-action update does feel like the Extended Cut of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with an extra 45 minutes added in. Still, it’s a gorgeous film to look at. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are both brilliantly cast as Belle and Beast. And when it was all said and done, it’s the most I’ve sung along with a film in theaters this side of ‘La La Land.’

Gabriel Alcantara: Beauty and the Beast (9/10)

Wow! I mean, WOW! This film is simply gorgeous, and a truly enchanting event. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I was a naysayer while this project was in production. Si vous n’êtes pas sûr du fait qu’un médicament que vous utilisez contient ou non du nitrate, vous devez immédiatement contacter votre médecin et vous renseigner avant de prendre Kamagra. Le Kamagra est destiné à être utilisé uniquement après avoir obtenu l’approbation appropriée d’un médecin ou d’un pharmacien. I did not see the need for Disney to remake their 1991 masterpiece into live-action. Plus, there are plenty of other interpretations of this tail as old as time already. But… my goodness. The sheer production value for this film and all of its special effects, both CGI and practical, are marvelous. Emma Watson would not have been my pick for Belle, I’m sorry. However, she did it. She brought Belle to life in many ways. Though, there were a few times when she seemed a bit stiff and lacked genuine charm. Same goes for Ewan McGregor. I didn’t want him to play Lumiere. Jean Dujardin would have been perfect. Yet, Ewan was fantastic. Luke Evans was perfect as Gaston, and Josh Gad’s LeFou was so energetic. The whole cast deserves to be commended. There were some bits and music numbers that worked better in animated form, but plenty of sequences were great in this version. This version even filled in a few plot holes. This version brought me plenty of joy. So I must give major props to this outstanding spectacle. 2017’s Beauty and The Beast made me feel like a honored guest.

Adam Haskell: Beauty and the Beast (8.5/10)

For someone who isn’t a fan of Disney remaking their own films I gotta say I’m impressed with this remake to the near perfect 1991 original “Beauty and the Beast”. While the new stuff here isn’t necessary and it does run a little long this is still a wicked surprising and honestly great remake, it has great effects, the cinematography is great, the acting is great, and the musical numbers are so wonderfully done. it’s just so magical and well made as a whole, it captures the magic of the original perfectly. If you can PLEASE see this in 3D as well, it looks beautiful. “Beauty and the Beast” never needed a remake but after this I’m really glad it got one, congrats to everyone involved.

Craig Kandiko: Beauty and the Beast (9/10)

The new Beauty and the Beast was fantastic. The 3D looked amazing especially during “Be Our Guest.” What’s great is that it’s not a 100% recreation of the animated classic. There are a lot is subtle changes to scenes and songs to let you rediscover the story all over again.

My whole family loved it.

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