Gradebook: The Birth of a Nation

the birth of a nation

Gradebook: The Birth of a Nation

This is the Gradebook for The Birth of a Nation.

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Nick Casaletto: The Birth of a Nation (8/10)

A terrific debut from first-time director Nate Parker that is both parts informative and poignant. A raw and unflinching portrayal of slavery is something we’ve all seen before on the silver screen, but this takes a much more personal route. The shots are well orchestrated and the acting is phenomenal across the board. The transition between drama to uprising is a bit jarring and the gore comes across excessive at times. There is also a turning point that happens in the beginning of the third act that I felt was handled poorly that took me out of the film. However, “The Birth of a Nation” is a masterful achievement not only from an acting perspective but from a directing and storytelling one. A definite must see for all.


Daniel Rester: The Birth of a Nation: 8.8/10

Controversy regarding Nate Parker’s personal life aside, he has made a stunning directorial debut with “The Birth of a Nation.” The film, loosely based on the real-life story of Nat Turner, is ambitious, beautiful, and powerful in a number of ways. The cinematography, music, and performances (especially Armie Hammer) are all first-rate. The storytelling does have its lulls and conventional moments at times, and some of the shifts in character traits feel abrupt, but for the most part, Parker does a fine job in both the writing and directing departments. “The Birth of a Nation” isn’t a masterpiece, but it is one of the better directorial debuts I’ve seen in the past few years.

the birth of a nationBryan Sudfield: The Birth of a Nation (6/10)

I’m not going to talk about the controversies surrounding Nate Parker, I’m just gonna talk about his film. This is a beautifully directed and well-acted film. Nate Parker shines both in front and behind the camera. The story of Nat Turner is one that shouldn’t be ignored. My biggest flaw with this film is that it felt way too rushed. The first two acts had nice pacing it to it, while the third act halted to a stop by making character transitions too quick. I still liked this film, but I think it was a little too overhyped.

Zachary Marsh: Birth of a Nation (10/10)

Nate Parker, who wrote, directed, produced, and stars at Nat Turner, has truly made one hell of a film. For a first-time director, he’s able to capture so much emotion in his characters, tell the story at a flowing pace, capture some horrific imagery as well as gorgeous cinematography, and as a whole shows extremely impressive potential at directing more films. Parker put seven years into writing and financing this movie, and it really shows in the dedication he and his fellow actors give throughout. I can somewhat understand why some people might not like this, as it’s had its fair share of negative feedback ever since Sundance. For those who are bashing on and/or boycotting this story because of Nate Parker’s personal life, however, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice to themselves. Get past what Parker has done personally and judge this on its own merits. This is an unflinching, disturbing, gritty, compelling and masterful piece of filmmaking, and in my eyes, is the most important film to see this year


Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for The Birth of a Nation : 8.2/10

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