Gradebook: Captain America: Civil War

Gradebook: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America

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Ashley Menzel: Captain America: Civil War (7.5/10) 

The film was a lot of fun with some great action sequences and characters, however lost some momentum in the action from sections that were far too bloated for its own good. The relationship between Bucky and Steve seems forced and rough. I don’t know how much it stands out against other superhero films, feeling much more like a sequel to an Avengers film, than part of the Captain America realm of films but I think people will have a lot of fun and enjoy the latest superhero team up.

Captain America

Craig Kandiko: Captain America: Civil War (8/10)

Captain America: Civil War is another entertaining superhero spectacle that adds to the tradition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The additions of Black Panther and Spider-Man were fantastic. I look forward to seeing them in their future solo movies, especially Spidey because to be honest, Tom Holland as the new web slinger stole the show for me. But other than the new character additions, Civil War is just another set up movie to the continuing story. As much fun as I had with the movie, it is still is just an expansion to everything we’ve already seen in the past movies. It has all the action, fun, and humor we’ve come to expect, but deep down there just isn’t any originality that separates it from the rest of the previous movies.

Scott Menzel: Captain America: Civil War (8/10) 

Captain America: Civil War is everything that Age of Ultron should have been. The film is highly entertaining, action-packed, and features an airport sequence that will have fanboys squealing with delight for weeks. Civil War does suffer from the normal comic book film flaws. It is too long for its own good and tries to do way too much with too many plot lines and character introductions. Overall, Civil War is one of the best films to come out of Marvel Studios but doesn’t top the original Avengers or Iron Man.

Captain America

Austin Putnam: Captain America: Civil War (9.5/10)

The Russo Brothers had to pull off what Joss Whedon did with Avengers…and they did it even better. Civil War is a film that’s also two great sequels. One for The Winter Soldier and 2nd being Age of Ultron. I don’t know how they did it but they also introduced two new characters, Black Panther and Spider-Man without it feeling forced. Also, Tom Holland is easily the best incarnation of the web slinger to date. In 20 minutes he beats Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Not to mention when the Avengers fight each other…it’s comic book movie heaven. People will nerdgasm in their seats. Easily the best MCU film since The Winter Soldier. I couldn’t be more excited knowing that the Russo Brothers are doing Infinity War. The only sore thumb is Daniel Bruhl, who’s in the movie for a few scenes. He’s underused, but still an achievement for the MCU regardless of this one con.

Bryan Sudfield: Captain America: Civil War (10/10)

This isn’t a fanboy review… it’s a review from a film fan. The Russo Brothers pulled it off yet again with the incredible filmmaking. These are genius filmmakers and they deserve all the credit. Their direction is great, as is the script from Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. The performances are stellar, the action is gut-punching and the suspense is enthralling. The introductions of Black Panther and Spider-Man (Tom Holland = best Spidey to date) are brilliant. My only gripe with the film is Daniel Bruhl who, while good in the film, didn’t have to be here. That’s a small issue. I loved it! Can’t wait to see it again!

Captain America

Zachary Marsh: Captain America: Civil War (10/10)

Who would have thought that a Marvel movie would do Batman v Superman better than Batman v Superman? Well, a lot of people, but I wasn’t expecting much. Boy, oh boy, is this one hell of a movie. I feel like Marvel somehow heard all of my gripes and complaints about their other films and just fixed them all. This is an action-packed, cheeky, and super fun movie that has compelling and empathetic characters, a well-written villain with a clear and understandable motive that made sense, and was pretty goddamn unpredictable if you ask me. As a Marvel cynic, this is superhero filmmaking at its finest.

Mark Krawczyk: Captain America Civil War (8.75/10)

This is what Avengers Age of Ultron should have been. Ultron was a bloated film whose sole purpose was to setup the next phase rather than really tell its own story. CIVIL WAR made up by that though it is still flawed. I honestly loved the side stories more than the main plot. Black Panther is fantastic and makes me really want to see more of him. Spiderman was also great in this . The tone overall for Civil War is similar to Winter soldier, except for the airport fight which was great visual eye candy and Marvel fans will explode but it did feel a bit out of place with the rest of the film. Captain’s bromance with Bucky was a bit much and the resolution was weak. Frank Grillo’s character was also short changed, that part could have been played by any generic villain. A few characters get short changed thanks to the introduction of the new characters. Overall still was a great time and I enjoyed it more than AoU but Civil War does still stumble. But what do I know I enjoyed BvS too.


Chad Gleason: Captain America Civil War (8/10)

Great but flawed piece of comic book entertainment. I wasn’t too crazy about the storyline when it came to Steve and Tony’s disagreement but I did love the final revelation. Action was exciting and loved all the surprises that were spoiled in the trailers. The Airport fight was amazing too. Its alot of fun but no where near The Winter Solder, which is a True Comic Book Movie Masterpiece in my humble opinion.

Tony Estrada: Captain America: Civil War (10/10)

The last time I gave a movie this rating was Interstellar back in 2014 and I’m happy to say this rating is back with Captain America: Civil War because it’s not only the best installment in the Captain America trilogy but it’s the greatest movie I’ve ever seen from Marvel. The movie features incredible action sequences even if it’s a bit shaky in the beginning which is a nit-pick, amazing storytelling that gives us great conflicts these characters are facing, awesome direction by the Russo Brothers, and great performances from Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Scarlet Johansson, etc. I loved the introduction of Black Panther portrayed by Chadwick Boseman who already makes you sympathize with him which makes me excited where his character goes for his solo film coming out in 2018. Tom Holland gives an excellent performance as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man which has me excited for his solo film coming out in 2017. Captain America: Civil War is hands down one of the greatest comic book movies I’ve ever seen in my life bringing characters with a ton of depth to them, the action sequences being exciting and sometimes very funny (mainly with the airport scene), and doing a great job of making me understand where both sides of Team Iron Man or Team Captain America are coming from.

captain america civil war

Nick Casaletto: Captain America: Civil War (9/10)

What seemed to be the most highly anticipated follow up to the highly praised WINTER SOLDIER, CA:CW had some mighty big shoes to fill and boy did it not disappoint! This is absolutely first and foremost a Captain America film and his character gets fleshed out more than just what we see on the outside. The clashing of ideologues between him and Tony Stark and both believable and make sense, considering the universe in which these characters live in. The action is second to none, delivering on both emotional and exciting levels and most importantly, they are both right. Nor Iron Man or Captain America are “good or bad” or “right or wrong”. They both are coming from good places and both are individuals you could easily get behind. That’s what makes the final fight in the film so effective, what makes it so brutal to watch. That is 100% credit that goes to the Russo brothers, on achieving such a task in a blockbuster.

Daniel Rester: Captain America: Civil War (8.8/10)

The Russo brothers’ second offering in the MCU is another one of the best in Marvel series. The film is swift and intelligent, with some surprising emotion edging in at times as well. Unlike the second “Avengers” film, mostly everything here feels focused and balanced — including the standout additions of Black Panther and Spider-Man. Some of the villain’s planning seems questionable and the film is a bit long, but those are minor quibbles. “Civil War” is a blast.

Derek Easley: Captain America: Civil War (7.8/10)

The third Captain America solo feature is jam-packed with 12 superheroes, a super-villain (perhaps more), and lots of international bureaucratic red-tape. Civil War often feels more like “Joke-Filled Civil Sparring Between Buddies Who Don’t Actually Want To Hurt Each Other”. There are many literal and figurative pulled punches in this film. I laughed at the one-liners and physical comedy, I cheered on my favorite heroes, I felt fanboy feels with the amazing visuals, but as expected, this film is a huge departure of how epic the actual comic book version of the story is. We have to make huge leaps of faith that these heroes would so easily come to blows with each other, and the stakes could have been higher, and the outcomes could have been more dramatic. Tony Stark is blinded by same mistakes he’s made in 6 films now (does he ever learn?), and Cap puts so much of his unwavering loyalty into a psychologically damaged former(?) assassin, that not finding some middle ground may be unrealistic, but it gives us an awesome airport scrap for the ages! The Russo Bros. are young masters, all the performances are great, but the story and the consequences left something to be desired. 7.8 out of 10

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Captain America: Civil War: 8.3/10

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