Gradebook: Central Intelligence

Gradebook: Central Intelligence 

central intelligence

Central Intelligence: The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film and We Live Entertainment. If you are interested in participating, join the We Live Film Fan Chat Page on Facebook and look for the weekly posts of new releases.

Ashley Menzel: Central Intelligence (8/10)

Central Intelligence is one of my most anticipated films of the year because I love Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. This film didn’t disappoint. It was hilarious fun with a lot of surprise actors I didn’t know were even in the film. I strongly suggest checking it out this weekend. The theater I was in was laughing so much. It was just a total blast!

central intelligence

Zachary Marsh: Central Intelligence (7/10)

Kevin Hart is pretty entertaining, and he has great chemistry with The Rock. The Rock was very good, but his character is so psychologically all over the place that it almost felt exhausting watching him at times. There’s a “twist” that happens that is the single most obvious twist in a movie like this. Some jokes didn’t hit, but when they did they worked. They’re not necessarily original, but I did chuckle. Biggest laugh I got in the movie was a scene in an office room, and the main reason of the laughs is because of a cameo in it. Overall I enjoyed “Central Intelligence.” It’s my least favorite of director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s films, but I had fun with it.

Tony Estrada: Central Intelligence (6.5/10)

There is plenty of entertainment value thanks to Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart bringing so much energy as well as some of the jokes that actually worked but unfortunately it wasn’t the memorable comedy I was hoping it would be. The action sequences are fun enough to get through but there could be more work as far as filming the action better and not shaking up the camera a little too much or having some unneeded quick cuts. The comedy in the film is hit and miss for me where some of the humor did work for me including a few laugh out loud moments but the humor in other moments do feel forced. The cinematography does look very good with proper lighting and it is directed well for the most part. Central Intelligence is an OK feature that did entertain me but it does get too convoluted for its own good by the third act and I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed when I walked out of the theater.

central intelligence

Craig Kandiko: Central Intelligence (8/10)

I had a really good time with Central Intelligence. It’s a pretty funny buddy flick filled with lots of action and tons of comedy. Kevin Hart was funny even though he played more a straight man to the antics of Dwayne Johnson. The Rock was a hilarious version of Jason Bourne. The duo really has some awesome on-screen chemistry as their comedic timing was suburb. If you love buddy action comedies like 21 Jump Street, Rush Hour, and even Lethal Weapon, then I think you’ll really enjoy Central Intelligence.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Central Intelligence: 7.4 /10

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