Gradebook: A Cure for Wellness

Gradebook: A Cure for Wellness

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Ashley Menzel: A Cure for Wellness (9/10)

A Cure for Wellness is a complicated, beautiful, and bizarre film. The visual elements, music, and storytelling work together to weave an atmosphere that sucks you in from the very first scene. The performances are inspired, and the direction by Verbinski is top-notch. A Cure for Wellness will inspire, shock, appall and engage you. It will leave you speechless and you will beg to watch it again.

Nick Casaletto: A Cure for Wellness (8.5/10)

God, I loved this movie. It’s a shame that it isn’t connecting with more critics because this is a visual masterpiece and a thought provoking horror/drama. A Cure for Wellness isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, especially those of the faint of heart. However, if you can get past some disturbing elements. suspense disbelief and go along on this insane ride with Gore Verbinski, you are in for a treat. The surprises and trusts throughout are revealed not for shock purposes, (said for one) they are there to progress the films narrative. It’s a tad bit long; and some of the dialogue didn’t always work for me. But you can’t deny the creativity and for lack of a better word, “balls” 20th Century Fox put into this project. Fans of old school gothic horror (I.e The Crow) will especially be pleased.

Zachary Marsh: A Cure For Wellness (5.5/10)

Gorgeous cinematography and a great score can’t save this movie from going off the edge in the end. There are other things that I dug about the movie, like Dane DeHaan’s performance and the expertly cringy/creepy uses of eels and teeth throughout the film. What makes the film drop in quality are its length and its execution of the story in the second half. It’s not that I felt the length of the movie, but it was more the fact that there was too much going on with the “mythos” of the facility and yet not a whole lot was fully explained. As with the twists of this movie, I find it ironic that the ticket I had said to keep reactions to the film short until Tuesday, which is when the embargo breaks, to avoid giving away spoilers and shit. What makes that ironic, in a sense, is the fact that I saw every single twist (aside from the final one, which in itself wasn’t that amazing) coming an hour before they happened. I’ve talked to a bunch of people about this film who also saw it, and the reactions are all over the place. Some people have told me they loved it, and some told me it’s, as one friend of mine said, “one of the biggest pieces of horseshit out there.” As for me, I’m leaning more towards the negative side of the spectrum, though it’s hard to deny that there are good, even great, things about it. If anything, it’s just an overall missed potential from Gore Verbinski.

Mark Krawczyk: A Cure for Wellness (8.5/10)

I found this movie highly entertaining, but It surprises me it got a wide release. This has a 70s Euro – Horror feel to it which I don’t think is going to connect with the more mainstream audience or critics. The cinematography on this film was fantastic, and I enjoyed the continued creepy atmosphere it maintained. It did get a bit predictable, and the very end felt more Hollywood. I was hoping for a more ambiguous ending to the film. Perhaps they ended it the way they did to get it into theaters. I loved the concept and the style the film was shot in. It is made to be seen on a large screen. Just wish it had maintained the unpredictability that it started out with in the first act and I also wish they had gone even more abstract.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for A Cure for Wellness 7.8/10

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