Gradebook: The Dark Tower

GRADEBOOK: The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower: The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film, and We Live Entertainment. If you are interested in participating, join the We Live Film Fan Chat Page on Facebook and look for the weekly posts of new releases.

Nick Casaletto: The Dark Tower (4/10)

Elba does his best with the minimal materiel he is given, and the world Stephen King invented is stunning and full of intrigue. Unfortunately, none of that is discovered. I know The Dark Tower has its set audience out there, I would say between the ages of 10-18. They will flock to the theater for the opening weekend, have a blast, and forget everything about it in less than 24 hours.

Mark Krawczyk: The Dark Tower (4/10)

This feels like a film that was a sequel to a film that we have not seen at all. This is like a big budgeted fan film. I am sure fans of the series will get the references in here, but the lack of world building in this film does not help. Elba is the standout and felt like he was trying to save the film with every scene he was in. It plays out like a number of the young adult movies we have seen prior but not done as well. Nothing memorable. Some of the special effects were decent while some were rough. It also felt like it wanted to be rated-R soo badly. I honestly have not read the books but knew a little about the story, and when I left the theater, I felt bad for the fans of the books. I do not think this is the film they wanted from such an icon series. I did make me want to read the books though, so that is one positive. Wait for rental.

Daniel Rester: The Dark Tower (6.5/10)

Fans of “The Dark Tower” novels will probably be pissed that this film isn’t the dark, meaty adaptation they hoped for. Instead, it’s a 95-minute interpretation with some standard YA and summer blockbuster tropes. Though the film is a bit of a missed opportunity in that sense, there are still a few pleasures to be had. I enjoyed some of the world-building involving the magic, portals, and so on, and Idris Elba is very good in the lead role; Tom Taylor and Matthew McConaughey have their moments as well. A couple of the action scenes were also well-staged and exciting. This is a film that is mildly entertaining but feels like it wasted a lot of potential — though it is far from being the train wreck that some critics are making it out to be.

Scott Menzel: The Dark Tower (5/10)

The Dark Tower is a perfect example of forgettable summer entertainment. While the film isn’t terrible, it does suffer greatly from generic storytelling and filmmaking. The film feels like it should be a lot longer but Sony was more concerned with cramming three books into one film than making three films that would have done justice to Stephen King’s beloved series. Idris Elba gives the role his all but sadly has very little to work with. Matthew McConaughey is alright alright alright as the films generic “man in black” villain. Tom Taylor is ok but does very little to standout. The Dark Tower is one of those films that has a great idea behind it but the studio making it doesn’t believe in it. The Dark Tower will most likely disappoint fans of the source material while quickly becoming one of the more forgettable films of 2017.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for The Dark Tower: 4.8/10

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