Gradebook: Doctor Strange

Doctor StrangeGradebook: Doctor Strange

This is the Gradebook for Doctor Strange

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Ashley Menzel: Doctor Strange (9.5/10)

Doctor Strange is the best Marvel movie to date, with stunning, breathtaking visuals and all around entertaining film. Doctor Strange is a mystical and magical visual treat. It is a joy to watch high-caliber performances with a great story to match. Don’t miss out on this because films like this only come around every so often.

Nick Casaletto: Doctor Strange (8/10)

While it not may be the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air. The acting all around is top-notch with an excellent leading performance from Benedict Cumberbatch. His transformation from arrogant neurosurgeon to sorcerer supreme is a natural progression that is both different and the same from these Marvel films. The film is visually stunning and while the villain is as one note as you may expect, the climactic battle is a refreshing and mind trip instead of the “boom pow explosions” we are numb to. Also, see it in 3D!

Mark Krawczyk: Doctor Strange (10/10)

This is by far my favorite superhero movie this year and one of my top superhero films of all time. I loved the balance between fun comic book action and a rich story with great performances by the entire cast. Benedict Cumberbatch has not only the look but also the talent to pull off Doctor Strange to become my new favorite character from MCU. The opening special effects are a little shaky, but when the movie gets going, they looked great. It also has one of the better scores of the Marvel films, and it is also very different from most of the MCU. They go all in on the mystical side of the MCU, and it had me smiling from ear to ear. A refreshing change and just what the doctor ordered.

Doctor Strange

Matt Marshall: Doctor Strange (9/10)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t quite had a film like Doctor Strange. While narratively influenced by previous MCU origin stories, Iron Man and ThorDoctor Strange takes everything you’ve known so far and mixes it into a blender with the stylistic approach of The Matrix and Inception. The end result is one of their slightly better entries, anchored by an incredible Benedict Cumberbatch.

Tony Estrada: Doctor Strange (8/10)

One of the better movies to come out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The visual effects are truly something spectacular making it possibly the most visually stunning movie ever done by Marvel. Benedict Cumberbatch gives a terrific performance as Doctor Strange truly embodying an arrogant but passionate character, and everyone else from Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, and Mads Mikkelson give great performances. The humor is also very well-done giving the film plenty of light and fun to the screen, but I also admire the film for never getting dark either. Doctor Strange brings plenty of magic and mind-blowing sequences to deliver one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

Daniel Rester: Doctor Strange (8/10)

The latest MCU film is one of the most visually magnificent of the bunch, with a stunning blend of effects, camera angles, and use of 3D. The story is both formulaic and fascinating, with Stephen Strange coming off a bit like Tony Stark in his journey but everything also getting a makeover. The cast is uniformly fine, even in the case of Tilda Swinton — who does well as The Ancient One despite the controversy surrounding her whitewash casting. Doctor Strange is a colorful, weird, and fun entry in the MCU.

Bryan Sudfield: Doctor Strange (8/10)

This is certainly not the best in Marvel’s catalog, but it’s a bold, entertaining and surreal story in the cinematic universe. The visuals are out of this world, the performances are great, and the action is enthralling. Benedict Cumberbatch kills it as the title character and had a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark. The story is, unfortunately, formulaic, but still quite engaging. Most of the humor worked, and I would recommend this in IMAX 3D. Like I said, it’s a blast watching, despite how little of a let down this film was.

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for Doctor Strange: 8.6/10

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