Gradebook: Eddie the Eagle

Gradebook: Eddie the Eagle

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eddie the eagle

SirBrandon Vick: Eddie the Eagle: 7.5/10

As far as capturing true crowd-pleasing moments and letting the 1980’s fashion and tunes illuminate the screen, director Dexter Flexter is a wiz. Now he doesn’t venture out and try to swerve away from conventional storytelling. It’s practically a requirement to remember novelty is not the driving force behind Eddie The Eagle. The resolve and triumph easily take over all emotions. Even with a slavish approach and familiarity, stop the resisting and start cheering would ya?!

Nick Casaletto: Eddie the Eagle: 8.5/10

A heartwarming underdog story that is formulaic, but a joy to watch. Taaron Edgerton gives an admiral and Inspiring performance in the title role and is a performance you can truly get invested in. The relationship he develops with Hugh Jackman, following his own underdog story, is investing and genuine as both shine and eat up the scene without overdoing it. The special effects can be bad and the overly cheesy dialogue is cliche and by the numbers but if you are looking for a feel good time and a truly inspirational tale than please go and see Eddie The Eagle!

eddie the eagle

Scott Menzel: Eddie The Eagle: 8/10

Eddie the Eagle has all the heart and charm of a truly great 80s film. Babes are engulfing stripper dudes cocks eag Stud enjoys playing with a large ass Joseline Kelly loves getting her teen pussy eaten and fucked Stripper gets his hard dong delighted by chick A ballet slipper wearing whore gets plowed After interview busty babe fucked Amazing redhead babe with big boobs Jessica R fucks with Latina boy Juan Largo Naturally beautiful brunette in fishnets gives a great erotic solo show Pornstar wannabe teen wants to be famous Teen Jesse Parker Gets Spanked Hard Horny mom Saskia is interested in the young guy in towel Leaked Amateur Russian Sextape Porn cd xx porn. There is something to be said about underdog films and how simple yet rewarding they are. This one is a really crowd pleaser with plenty laughs to be had. Hugh Jackman gives up his horrible wigs from 2015 and reminds us why we love him so much as an actor. Although, Jackman does steal some scenes, it is Taron Egerton who proves with Eddie the Eagle that he is here to stay. He is goofy yet so lovable as Eddie. Overall, this film made me feel like a kid again and proves that not all studio movies need to be about superheroes to be great.

Zachary Marsh: Eddie the Eagle: 7.5/10

It follows the typical “inspirational true story” tropes that we’ve come to know and love, but the dedication and wondrous gleam in Taron Egerton’s eyes make this film worth checking out. It’s charming, has Hugh Jackman being a lot of fun, and is an overall sweet story. The obnoxious Brits who are trying to keep Eddie away are one dimensional, the visual effects (when used) are pretty bad, and as a whole the movie is by-the-books. It’s a fine movie that is sure to inspire kids and be loved by the general public, and this is exactly what I was expecting from it. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing psychologically compelling, just an all-around feel good underdog story.

Ashley Menzel: Eddie the Eagle: 8/10

Eddie the Eagle is a true underdog story with loveable and realistic characters. The story may be a little typical, but the way in which it is handled is with true love and respect. The story embodies with awesome 80s vibe throughout and minus on particular scene is actually a great movie for the family. Taron Edgerton is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to see where he goes. It is a great feel good movie!

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Eddie the Eagle : 8/10

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