Gradebook: The Greatest Showman

Gradebook: The Greatest Showman

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Mark Krawczyk: The Greatest Showman (10/10)

WHAAA. Yep, I am continuing to go against the hate, not by choice. For the three people who watch my videos, they know I keep it honest. I knew very little about this movie when I saw the poster; then I heard it was a musical and my interest heightened. I saw it and loved it. It pulled me into it from the first scene. The choreography is sharp as hell and different. The songs stuck with me, the performances were great, and the cinematography captured the spirit of classical musicals. I had a lot more fun watching this than La La Land. I think “This Is Me” is one of the best songs to come out of movies this year and if it doesn’t get nominated for best song at the Oscars, well that says a lot. IT is an impressive film, I know some people may have trouble with the subject, but this is meant more to be a musical than a bio pic. Seriously, it should be seen on the big screen.

Tony Estrada: The Greatest Showman (6/10)

Regarding musical numbers, this is everything I could ask for but, regarding its story, it could’ve been a lot stronger. The cast members do a wonderful job in their roles especially Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya who are the stand-outs in my eyes. The choreography is terrific, the singing is wonderful, and the message about being who you want to be is admirable. It’s just that so many moments in this feature feel so rushed that it’s really hard for me to care about its story whether you want to talk about P.T. Barnum meeting his love of his life and trying to provide for his family, P.T. Barnum bringing the circus together, or Phillip (Zac Efron) and Anne (Zendaya) having feelings for each other. The Greatest Showman is so much fun to watch whenever a musical number is happening, but anytime there isn’t a musical number, I just did not care about what’s going on which is a real shame because there was potential for the story to be just as strong as the musical numbers.

Scott Menzel: The Greatest Showman (9.5/10)

The Greatest Showman is a remarkable celebration of music, creativity, and imagination. It is 2017’s La La Land and a cinematic love letter to dreamers everywhere. While some critics may argue that the story is too simplistic, I personally think it works in the film’s favor because musicals work best when they are simple. This is the type of story that will have mass appeal and will work for a wide demographic. In other words, The Greatest Showman is a visual and musical spectacle for all ages. I cannot wait to see it again and hope that the film does well at the box office so that they turn it into a Broadway show. I would love to see these actors together on the stage. The Greatest Showman is the perfect film for the holiday season and one that will make you want to stand up and cheer!

Ashley Menzel: The Greatest Showman (8.5/10)

I’m certainly a sucker for musicals. They are one of my favorite genres, and with very few being released, I’m always excited when they finally arrive. It took quite a while for me to see The Greatest Showman with the holidays and whatnot, but once I did, I was hooked and have seen it twice now. While there are some weak points in the story, the craftsmanship and showmanship in the film cannot be denied. The costumes and the choreography along with the singing and performances are the epitome of what makes musicals so spectacular. If you are a fan of musicals, you MUST see this film.

Sammy Klinger: The Greatest Showman (8/10)

This was a good overall musical that made me smile throughout, but I did feel disappointed with the film. It does have great performances, production design, sound design, cinematography, some great moments and an excellent soundtrack with songs I am definitely going to remember for so long. The problem is that overall it could have been a lot better. While I don’t have a problem with it and films being too family-friendly, it affected certain things with this film. While it made me smile throughout, when it comes to actual emotion and substance I didn’t feel much of it. They painted Hugh Jackman to be a perfect character in the film and from what I know his character is supposed to be a lot deeper and has issues that I believe this film didn’t explore. It has other issues that they didn’t delve deep into as it’s just either not explored or glossed over. It’s also very rushed at times, has a romance that feels incredibly forced and it’s incredibly predictable. Overall really enjoyed the film, but it had the potential to be soooooo much better

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for The Greatest Showman:  8.4/10

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