Gradebook: Independence Day: Resurgence

Gradebook: Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence : The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film and We Live Entertainment. If you are interested in participating, join the We Live Film Fan Chat Page on Facebook and look for the weekly posts of new releases.

Gabe Alcantara: Independence Day: Resurgence (5/10)

We waited 20 damn years for the sequel to the fun, memorable 1996 blockbuster. Resurgence was not worth the wait. Although there are some exciting action sequences and great special effects, the rapid editing makes it hard to grasp what thin narrative there is. The characters are weakly written as well. In a nutshell, IDR is a downgraded version of ID4.

Independence Day resurgence

Chad Gleason: Independence Day: Resurgence (7/10)

It took a while for me to really get into this film since a lot of the build up and set up is not that interesting but I have to say the final hour and ten minutes really entertained me. It had a lot of action and humor. I think what really helped is that it stopped taking itself so seriously in the first half and started to be what it should’ve been the whole time; a purely fun popcorn science-fiction movie like the last one which I do think is a better film. I will also say that it doesn’t feel like a total copy of the last one and really tries to be somewhat different. I also really love the fact that it’s suddenly turns into a big monster movie as well. The strongest aspects of the movie definitely are the special effects and production value. If they get a chance to make another one I do hope they come up with a better story and give these characters that we love something even more exciting to do.

Mark Krawczyk: Independence Day: Resurgence (9/10)

Yep you read that right. I had such a blast with this film I was grinning from ear to ear the whole movie. It is a cross between Starship Troopers and ID4. Cheesy, yes. Overtop acting, yes. But it is supposed to be. With so many superhero films and video game films *cough* Warcraft*cough* taking themselves seriously. IDR is old school mindless escapism popcorn film. I can understand how many people may not like it. For me It was great to see original cast and new cast together, I didn’t miss Will Smith, and loved the exploration into the Aliens. Plus, it was refreshing to see a genre film NOT based on a comic book. Only thing that kept me from giving it 10/10 is a little too much setup for a sequel. I recognize it is not for everyone but this was a fun wild sci-fi ride that was right up my alley.

Daniel Rester: Independence Day: Resurgence (6/10)

This is a big, dumb, and occasionally fun summer blockbuster — a step above the usual Michael Bay-esque fare but nowhere near the best of what summer films can offer. The action and effects are spectacular, but the film is also more numbing than exciting at times. The acting is also mediocre (except the always welcome Jeff Goldblum) and the dialogue is mostly flat; there are far too many characters, but barely anyone to care about. Still, I was pretty entertained by this cheesy, over-the-top sequel to the 90s original.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Independence Day: Resurgence : 6.5 /10

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