Gradebook: Jason Bourne

jason bourne

Gradebook: Jason Bourne

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Austin Putnam: Jason Bourne (7/10)

It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve seen a Bourne film with Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. Good thing is that the return for the most part was worth the wait. Damon is still the definitive Jason Bourne and even the new cast members did a great job. There wasn’t a single sore thumb. Greengrass still directs some adrenaline pumping action scenes. One brutal first fight and a riveting sequence in the middle of the film. Unfortunately while the action is ferocious the story this time didn’t have the same effect as the previous 3 Bourne films that Damon and Greengrass made. The story felt like a typical spy thriller that had been done before. Even the dialogue felt generic and because of it there were a few times I was bored. Bored and Jason Bourne shouldn’t go together. Overall Jason Bourne is still a solid film with amazing action sequences and great performances even if the story isn’t up to par.

jason bourne

Tony Estrada: Jason Bourne (5/10)

Jason Bourne could’ve turned out to be a good movie and I would be very pleased by it but instead it becomes one of the most disappointing movies of 2016. Paul Greengrass’ direction can be half in half where some scenes when the shaky cam isn’t going so out-of-control can be excellent but then there are those other times where it’s so poorly-directed due to the shaky cam style that Paul Greengrass normally handles well but it doesn’t deliver in this feature. It is great to see Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne and he still delivers in his performance including the returning cast member of Julia Stiles and the new additions of Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones. The storyline can also be intriguing sometimes but for most part does become an absolute bore with the feature sadly becoming a generic action film rather than having the complexity that the Matt Damon trilogy had. Overall, Jason Bourne is not only the weakest in the Matt Damon franchise but it’s just the weakest Bourne feature out of the all movies in the franchise which is a great shame considering Paul Greengrass is back in the director’s chair.

Mark Krawczyk: Jason Bourne (6/10)

To be honest the Bourne series has not been my favorite but I thought the first 3 told a great story and Matt Damon kicks ass in every scene. It was very predictable and felt like an unneeded sequel. While we do get some more history of Jason, this was not enough to keep my interest in the actual plot. Tommy Lee Jones does well as does the rest of the cast, but the this story really felt weak. Also I would have like to been able to see more of the actions scenes but the shaky cam was distracting. The film also did not need to go 2 hours long. Overall the film felt like it was just going through the motions that were done better in the previous installments.

Bryan Sudfield: Jason Bourne (6.5/10)

I am a gigantic fan of the first 3 Bourne films, so I was obviously excited for this latest one… especially since director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon were returning to the franchise. I liked this one, but I wish I loved it. Damon is great as Jason Bourne once again and the action is superb. The story is what boggles this film from being on the same level as the first 3. The pacing is super slow, in my opinion. I was disappointed slightly, but I still think this is a good film. Go Matt Damon!

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Jason Bourne:  6.25/10

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