Gradebook: Keanu

Gradebook: Keanu


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Ashley Menzel: Keanu (9/10)

While there are parts of the film that seem to drag, it doesn’t hurt the film and the story all that much. Overall, this is an incredibly well done, intelligent comedic film for audiences to enjoy. There are some GREAT surprises and guests in the film that I don’t want to spoil, but you’ll have to check it out for yourselves. The ingenious duo of Key and Peele has brought joy, laughter and adorable kittens to the theaters again!


Craig Kandiko: Keanu (6/10)

Keanu had a lot of funny moments and there is no denying that the kitten in the movie is absolutely adorable, but film just felt like a sketch that dragged on way too long. The movie reminded me of the Saturday Night Live movies that were adapted from popular skits. They work great in 5 to 8 minute increments, but they start to get stale when the concept has to be extended to 90 minutes. The movie isn’t terrible, but it’s not a great as I was expecting. If you are a huge fan of Key & Peele, then go check it out at a bargain matinee. If not, just wait to rent it.

Zachary Marsh: Keanu (7/10)

Keanu features some hilarious moments and terrific chemistry from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Not to mention, it’s pretty well paced and has great cinematography. However what makes this film less than great is how the film as a whole tells a joke and hammers it into the ground. It does this for a lot of references in the movie, which got annoying and somewhat exhausting. Don’t know what a PC hentai game is? Then come download and play free anime sex games. Find out what it’s like to fuck virtual bitches and cum on them! Our catalog has 2000+ hentai games of different genres. I did laugh a good amount, so I’d recommend it. Maybe not on the big screen, though. There is a cameo in here that’s very unexpected and cleverly executed, and the film’s love for George Michael is very fun to watch, to say the least.


Tony Estrada: Keanu (7/10) 

A funny movie that executes it’s brilliant concept about two dudes posing as drug dealers just to save Jordan Peele’s adorable kitten very well. Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele work so well together in this film and not only is their interaction with each other great but their interaction with the gangsters are great too especially when Keegan Michael-Key shows the gangsters George Michael’s music which was hysterical. The storyline is very well-written and very clever, the cinematography looks great, and the humor for the most part is absolutely great blending moments where I mildly laugh and laugh out loud. The humor doesn’t always work specifically when Key & Peele keep running the joke that starts off funny but then it doesn’t get funny anymore and a scene that drags a little too long dealing with the appearance of a blonde actress as well as the film losing focus on trying to find the kitten for a while. Keanu is a highly enjoyable comedy film that I had a really good time watching and I personally think it’s worth a watch if you enjoy Key & Peele’s style of humor.

Nick Casaletto: Keanu (7/10) 

The minds of Key and Peele shine here as their chemistry is undeniably the strongest point of this film. Part throw back to 90s action, part spoof, part rescue tale. Keanu works in some great ways and fails in some others. The overall story kind of gets lost in some unfunny humor, unnecessary gore and just flat out “huh?” moments. Though, it is still FAR superior than most comedies to come out today and that is worth enough of a matinee showing. Throw some logic out the window and enjoy this for what it is, though don’t think too much into it because that will significantly lower your enjoyment of the film.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Keanu:  7.5/10 

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