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kong: skull island

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Zachary S. Marsh: Kong: Skull Island (2/10)

As Kong: Skull Island was going on, I was laughing a whole lot at the film because of how insanely stupid it was as a whole. The characters are so poorly written, and make some of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen someone in a modern film make that I was initially having a ball laughing at this glorious turd. However, as the film came to a close, the credits began to roll, and the post-credits stinger began to play, my laughter turned into rage. Pure, raw, rage. I haven’t felt so pissed off at a movie in such a long time, and my anger was only fueled more by how brainless and “fanboyish” the audience acted when sequel-baiting images beamed during the post-credits scene. I couldn’t believe that an audience could buy into a film so generic, predictable, poorly written, inconsistent in tone, and horribly executed so mindlessly.

I may just be in the minority and simply not care for the film, so if you enjoy it, good on you. I just wish that we could go back to that day when cynical studio heads tried putting actual effort into making a movie that was more than just CGI monsters beating the shit out of one another. The film wants you to think it was in on the joke with the occasional quibble from John C. Reilly or random character screaming “Are we just going to ignore what just happened?” when, in fact, the film takes itself way too seriously, to the point where I was baffled and in a state of disbelief. I couldn’t even recommend this as a “so-bad-it’s-good” type movie. It’s honestly just a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE movie that I do not plan on seeing again. I had nothing prior to the screening to effect my overall opinion on the movie. I just had the movie to judge, and, with as much passion I have for when I praise the living hell out of something, can passionately say that I HATED Kong: Skull Island more than I’ve hated anything in recent memory.

Daniel Rester: Kong: Skull Island (6.5/10)

The newest “Kong” movie has some popcorn thrills and visual dazzle to spare. It also has fun evoking the sights and sounds of the Vietnam era — and dose it well at times. I like the cast involved in the film, but not many of them have much to do as there are too many characters and the majority of them have zero development — and spout off terrible dialogue. The few attempts at emotional moments feel hollow because of this. I enjoyed the performances of Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Mitchell and John C. Reilly in supporting roles, though Reilly feels like he’s in a different movie at times. “Kong: Skull Island” is an entertaining B-movie monster pic, but it isn’t nearly as good as the 1933 or 2005 films with King Kong.

Ashley Menzel: Kong: Skull Island (8/10)

A really entertaining popcorn movie. It would’ve made a great summer blockbuster so I’m not sure why they did a March release. While it’s surely got it’s faults, it’s best to go in just to have a fun time at the movies. The cinematography is great in some scenes and really gets you into the action.

Mark Krawczyk: Kong: Skull Island (10/10)

I had so much fun watching this movie. It really had the spirit of the old 50’s b-movie monster film. Where you have characters enjoyable enough that they did not distract you and you got to see a lot of really cool monsters. I had no expectations going into this film other than getting to see some kick ass monster fights and Kong in his glory and you get that. I think many viewers out there are looking for their films to be serious at times. Or look to deep into some films that are supposed to be just popcorn fun. Many popcorn films are predictable, hard not to be especially in this day and age of the internet. I think this film knows exactly what type of movie it is and plays up to it. I am not saying it is perfect by any means, those looking for the romantical beast and beauty story will be disappointed. I loved the cast, especially John C Reilly who had me rolling with every scene he was in. This is not going to appeal to everyone, especially if you are looking for something more serious. But if you are just looking for a good time where you can turn off your brain and enjoy a big budget movie done in the spirit of old school monster films than this is one for you. I must add that the cinematography was FANTASTIC. And DEFINITELY stay until the end credits sequence.

kong: skull island

Kevin Nivek: Kong: Skull Island (8/10)

THIS is how a monster movies is made. No forced romance, some interesting, likable characters, a fun time period with a great soundtrack, and action. Lots of fun action. This is a B-movie with an A-movie budget and it knows it and brings out all the fun and the best parts of it. The build-up is great, the monsters are great, and there is lots of fun suspense and it’s apparent that the filmmakers tried their best to make this as exciting and classic as possible (even having opening credits to it!). It felt like a great monster movie, similar to Jaws and Predator. Also, I am so thankful that this was an original thing with King Kong and not another remake. I was waiting too long for that.

Tony Estrada: Kong: Skull Island (7/10)

It does have some underused characters, some of the dialogue is really poor, some of the visuals are noticeable, and there are some very forced moments but those issues don’t take away from the B-movie fun that this film offers. The visuals are mostly very impressive especially when it comes to King Kong himself. The performances are mostly good even if the characters are paper-thin with the exception of Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly. Jordan Vogt-Roberts did a solid job directing the film as you really do feel like you’re in this atmosphere. Kong: Skull Island does have its weaknesses but it’s a similar situation that I had with The Great Wall recently where I was able to have a total blast watching the film despite its issues because it’s a visually stunning film that delivers on bringing some seriously exciting sequences involving Kong as well as the other creatures you see the characters face off in Skull Island.

Brian Sudfield: Kong: Skull Island (5/10)

I hate to be the critical type when watching a movie like this. Everything with Kong, himself, was amazing to watch. I like the actors, but not their characters (except John C. Reilly and Samuel L. Jackson) and the writing was really sloppy. Sure, there were entertaining moments, but I was really disappointed when the movie was over. I appreciate what Jordan Vogt-Roberts was doing, but it just could’ve been better.

Nick Casaletto: Kong: Skull Island (7/10)

Don’t let my praises about Kong destroying objects and creatures alike sway you to think this is a “great film.” Lots of likable, well-respected actors die in the blink of an eye, with absolutely no emotional response other than “so that just happened.” Some of the set pieces feel like they were thrown into the script for no reason at all, including an eye-rolling and ultimately hilarious scene in which Tom Hiddleston uses a sword and a gas mask. You’ll know once you see it. Despite Kong: Skull Island having no substance or emotional weight to it, I found myself smiling through its brisk runtime. Even if the smiles weren’t intentional.

Gabriel Alcantara: Kong: Skull Island (7/10)

Honestly, Kong: Skull Island is just an exciting, action packed matinee with awesome visual effects and some solid humor. You can’t expect some profound experience with thought provoking drama. You just have to enjoy this adventure for its many wonders while keeping your expectations in check. The lineup of talented actors is impressive. However, none of the characters really have a whole lotta depth to them. Yet, mostly everyone has a unique personality and is serviceable enough to the film. John C. Reilly stands out as the most interesting and wacky character, while Sam Jackson entertains as the main antagonist. Now when it comes down to the main attraction, which is Kong obviously, everything is awesome! The monsters fights are so much fun. And, I mean, that’s what I wanted. It gave me my fix for adventure.

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