Gradebook: The Light Between Oceans

the light between oceans

Gradebook: The Light Between Oceans

This is the Gradebook for The Light Between Oceans

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Nick Casaletto: The Light Between Oceans (6.5/10)

The first hour of “The Light Between Oceans” is a raw and captivating love story, about loss and marriage in your lowest state. Unfortunately, after that hour passes, the beautiful looking film turns into an overly dramatic sap story that is riddled with cliches and conveniences that drag for way too long. The performances are excellent, and the material these actors had to work with was sloppy to say the least. I found myself becoming bored and not invested by the films final frames, when it turned into the “Lifetime movie of the week”. It pains me to say this, given all the talent involved both in and off the screen. Fans of the book may think otherwise but I personally felt this one to be a classic case of “wasted potential.”

Bryan Sudfield: The Light Between Oceans (5/10)

If there was an award for the ultimate snoozefest of 2016, this would win! This is one of the most disappointing films I’ve seen in years. But, that doesn’t entirely mean I hated it. The cinematography and the performances from Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander are excellent. The first half was pretty engrossing, but after that it becomes a Nicholas Sparks-like story with numerous cliches, sappy writting and weak direction. As the movie was starting to wrap up, I was getting shocked that director Derek Cianfrance was behind this film, as his two previous works are brilliant. Every director definitely has their misstep and I’m hoping he doesn’t do another sappy movie again. Go back to the raw and gritty that was showcased in Blue Valentine & The Place Beyond the Pines.

the light between oceans

Chad Gleason: The Light Between Oceans (9/10)

This has to be one of the most romantic films I’ve ever seen in my life. I love the location. I cared about the characters. I sympathize with their decisions and felt sad and happy for them at the same time. The outcome was quite moving, tragic, and devastating all the same time. It doesn’t hit every emotional beat perfectly but I would have to say I wiped away a few tears watching this movie. I can’t wait to see it again someday at home and enjoy it. The acting is very simple, sweet, and human. This movie may not be for all and that’s OK because it was perfectly placed for me. I am happy that movies like this are still made today. It has that classic Hollywood feel to it and that just really warmed my heart. It reminded me why I love film and the power of great storytelling. Another wonderful film from this great director.

Ashley Menzel: The Light Between Oceans (7.5/10)

The film is still stunningly beautiful and emotionally raw. Powerhouse performances by Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, and Rachel Weisz are sure to solidify this film as a classic chick flick film. Heartbreaking and poignant, The Light Between Oceans shows the many stages of loss, love, and life, as two imperfect people navigate life, one day at a time. Download and paly Cunt Empire online sex games.

Zachary Marsh: The Light Between Oceans (5/10)

The first half of the movie itself isn’t that great, but it still had its entertaining moments. Once the second half begins, though, and Rachel Weisz’s character shows up, oh boy does this go downhill. Vikander goes from having sweet and tender moments to basically hamming it the hell up, to the point where it’s almost kind of hilarious. The biggest problem with this movie, which is unfortunate to say, is Derek Cianfrance’s direction and screenplay. Unlike his previous films, he wrote this one alone, and in doing that he’s written a screenplay with nearly no redeemable characters, awful motives, and no sense of morality or realism. The hammy and forced sentimentality might be the least of its problems. And the ending scene, oh my Jesus, was that incredibly unnecessary. It pains me to say to skip this movie, but yeah, there’s no real value in checking this out, in my eyes.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for The Light Between Oceans 6.6/10

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