Gradebook: Lion


Gradebook: Lion

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Ashley Menzel: Lion (8.5/10)

Lion is triumphant storytelling at its finest. A wonderful true story with mesmerizing performances and beautiful visuals, making it the unforgettable film of 2016. Dev Patel is just stunning in this film, and he portrays his character with such emotion and depth, that it cuts right down to what it means to be home.

Nick Casaletto: Lion (7.5/10)

Lion is one of the most emotional and moving films I have seen all year. The storytelling is risky and may turn a few away, but the more I think about the film, the more I admire its ambitiousness. Dev Patel is Oscar worthy, giving an emotionally compelling and interesting performance that is just terrific. Nicole Kidman is also great as his adoptive mother. The film gets a little bit to find its footing in the first act, and once you realize how they are playing out this story, you become more on board. Out of all the films I’ve seen this year, ‘Lions” ending has the most beautifully crafted scene that you can’t help but cry during. The camera work, acting, score and build up to this final scene is just sublime. Very powerful indeed!

Scott Menzel: Lion (5/10)

Lion was one of the most talked-about films to premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. After hearing such great things, I left the theater rather disappointed. Dev Patel is terrific as usual as is the rest of the cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, and Sunny Pawar. The film is beautifully shot and tells a touching story, but the predictable nature of that story just dragged on and on. While heartfelt and genuine, there is nothing too memorable about Lion or the way it is told. You know exactly where the film is going from about 15 minutes in and you just sit back and wait for the grand and emotional moment to arrive which comes about 30 minutes too late. I think the bloated runtime hurt this film for me. If this were an 80 to 90-minute film, I would have been easier on it, but as it stands, I didn’t feel the journey was worth my time.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Lion: 7/10

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