Gradebook: A Monster Calls

Gradebook: A Monster Calls

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Ashley Menzel: A Monster Calls (9.5/10)

This film has everything. It has a compelling and beautiful story with beautiful artistic imagery. The music ties perfectly to the fantasy and emotion presented. The score is fantastical and majestic to match. The watercolors and the music swelling weaves such a wonderful cinematic experience filled with wonder and emotion. The film is stunning from top to bottom, front to back and all in between. A Monster Calls is a majestic tale of fantasy, life lessons and the struggles of coping, all while starring a young boy. There is much to be learned from this film about life, death, healing and all that in between.

Chad Gleason: A Monster Calls (10/10)

I saw this film at TIFF and it’s one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen in my life and one of the best films of 2016. I plan on seeing it again today. It’s brilliant, beautiful, emotional and perfect. Everyone should see this movie. It is beautiful to look at and it has a lot to say about dealing with loss both to the young and the old. Do yourself a favor and see this film and support this film more than anything that’s playing in the theaters right now (besides Lala land of course). 2016 was a great year and thanks to this film it was also a great year of cinema.

Nick Casaletto: A Monster Calls (8.5/10)

I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from “A Monster Calls,” and I saw it in September. The film doesn’t manipulate your emotions, it pulls you into this young boys life and are with him throughout the journey that he is faced with all the way to the end. With top notch performances, gorgeous visual affects that mix pastel with CGI, and a protagonist that you can root for and empathize with. This isn’t necessarily a kids or family film, it’s dark and can be quite terrifying at some times. However, if you are over the age of 12, I feel this film will resonate with you personally and emotionally. A must see for all.

Zachary Marsh: A Monster Calls (8/10)

It gets manipulative at times, and the lead performance from newcomer Lewis MacDougall bounces around in its quality, but I was never entirely bored with what was going on, and I even kinda choked up during the story’s climax. It’s sweet and tender, yet mature and deep. It might be PG-13, but this isn’t the worst film a family could see together, especially if you want to teach kids about dealing with grief. There are better “family” films out there, but this is still solid enough to recommend.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for A Monster Calls: 9/10

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