Gradebook: Patriots Day

Gradebook: Patriots Day


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Zachary Marsh: Patriots Day (7/10)

I wish I had been more emotionally invested and impacted by what I saw on the screen, but at the end of the day, Patriots Day is just a solid movie. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s American/Patriotic propaganda that will surely please audiences nationwide. Peter Berg has done stronger work in my opinion, but I’d still recommend checking it out if you have any interest in seeing it.

Daniel Rester: Patriots Day (9/10)

Director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg reach their third collaboration — after Lone Survivor (2013) and Deepwater Horizon (2016) — with Patriots Day, and it’s their finest collaborative work yet. Berg directs the hell out of this film, expertly directing an excellent ensemble cast and recreating some of the many events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The film is gripping and emotional from start to finish, with a white-knuckle shootout scene and a touching end credits sequence as standout moments. Only gripes: the film is a little too long and Wahlberg’s fictional character (composited of three real people) tends to be awkwardly placed into nearly every important scene. Still, this is an exceptional docudrama and one of the better films of 2016.

Scott Menzel: Patriots Day (7/10)

The more I think about Patriots Day, the less I like the film. While I will admit that, for the most part, it is a respectful retelling of the Boston Marathon bombing, I just can’t help but be bothered by the film’s more Hollywoodized moments. There are about 4-5 scenes in the film that took me out of the film completely. This was due to how out of place they felt. While I fully realize that this isn’t a play by play reenactment of what actually happened that horrific day in Boston, I can’t help but feel somewhat offended by the made up over-the-top moments that Berg places throughout the film to attempt to make the audience laugh or make the two brothers out to be even eviler than they actually are. The performances are strong and most of the film works but I do think that Berg tried a bit too hard with this one to make it feel like a Hollywood film when it didn’t need to be.

Tony Estrada: Patriots Day (9.5/10)

One of the most intense and impactful movies of 2016! I was seriously shaking from the moment the Boston Marathon Bombing happened to the very end. Peter Berg does an exceptional job directing the film making it feel very realistic with even some Paul Greengrass shaky cam style to it which never felt distracting. The performances from everyone were very believable and you can tell felt very passionate on bringing this tragic event to life. Despite what happened in April 2013, it does have a beautiful message about how love conquers all even in the worst of times. Patriots Day is one of the best movies of 2016 and it’s thanks to Peter Berg and everyone involved in the project for paying so much respect to the true story.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Patriots Day: 8.6/10

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