Gradebook: Pete’s Dragon

Pete's Dragon

This is the Gradebook for the latest Disney Film, Pete’s Dragon

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Austin Putnam: Pete’s Dragon (7.5/10)

From a person who’s never seen the original, I really enjoyed this remake to the classic that I’ve been hearing about. The relationship between Pete and Elliot was what made this movie for me. Elliot also was a great CG character. The plot while a little paint by the numbers has sympathetic characters enough to the point where I really enjoyed and was touched by the movie.

Chad-Poop Gleason: Pete’s Dragon (8/10)

As someone who loves the original 1977 film with its cheesy music and all, I was quite excited to see this new take on the story. Pete’s Dragon turned out to be one of the best remakes I’ve ever seen because it really tried to stay true (to the original) and also did something new at the same time. Beautiful cinematography and special-effects add so much to this magical wonderful family movie that the whole family can enjoy together. Disney is killing it with these remakes and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


Daniel Rester: Pete’s Dragon (8/10)

The newest live action remake from Disney is a delight from start to finish. Oakes Fegley is excellent as Pete, even outshining many of his older co-stars — though everyone does a fine job here. Elliot the dragon’s animation looks great, and the creature’s relationship with Pete brings a lot of heart to the film. The plot is completely predictable and drags a little in the middle, but the overall film is still pretty wonderful.

Nick Casaletto: Pete’s Dragon (9/10)

What an emotional roller coaster ride this film was! I was crying during the opening scenes, smiling throughout its first act, I was scared, happy, and I cried again (twice.) As cliche as it sounds, this film is the true encapsulation of “magic at the movies.” With spectacular performances throughout, including Robert Redford giving one of the most genuine and heartfelt monologues in Disney history, to the love between Pete and Elliot, his dragon. I adored this film and I adored it more seeing it a second time. This is a perfect film for all and should not be missed! Disney, you never cease to amaze me.


Mark Krawczyk: Pete’s Dragon (9/10)

This is a warm, beautiful movie that will take you through a range of emotions and in the end have you feeling satisfied that Hollywood can still make family movies that are not dumb down for children or make family movies that are not afraid to go to darker places. Disney continues to impress me with the live action versions of their animated classics. All the performances were really well done and I just love Elliott. This is how you do a family movie.

Scott Menzel: Pete’s Dragon (9/10)

Pete’s Dragon is everything you could want from a family film. Its well-shot, well-acted, and tells a simply yet beautiful story of family and friendship. David Lowery’s direction made this big summer film feel as though it was an intimate indie film. Oates and Oona steal the show and are two of the best child actors working today. Robert Redford’s storytelling skills are used to great lengths and work incredibly well to elevate the story. The story while simple is emotionally powerful and delivers plenty of heartfelt moments. Pete’s Dragon is a wonderful cinematic journey that made me feel like a kid again. Its pure Disney magic and something that I can’t wait to see again and again.


Ashley Menzel: Pete’s Dragon (9/10)

The film is beautiful with sweeping shots of Elliot flying through the trees, rivers and mountains. The film has such a classic feel to it with little special effects. Even with a lot of CGI for Elliot, the film didn’t go over kill and thus still maintained a simplistic beauty that truly focuses on the characters and emotions in the film. Pete’s Dragon is a stunning film, both visually and emotionally. The combination of superb visuals and acting, as well as a touching story, makes it an instant classic, which will be watched and adored for many years to come.

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