Gradebook: The Shape of Water


Gradebook: The Shape of Water

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Daniel Rester: The Shape of Water (9/10)

One of the year’s best films, Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” is pure movie magic that pays tribute to past films while also presenting its own bold and fresh narrative. The cast is aces top to bottom, led by Sally Hawkins in a performance for the ages. The movie also blends its visuals and story into something that feels like it has an early Spielberg sense of wonder while also tackling mature themes. A couple of needless supporting character moments aside, “The Shape of Water” is excellent and a meticulously crafted project that film lovers will talk about for years.

Zachary S. Marsh: The Shape of Water (10/10)

I never really understood the love for Pan’s Labyrinth. Like, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t swoon over it. Same with Pacific Rim, among other things. The Shape of Water, on the other hand, is outstanding. Along with being possibly my favorite Del Toro film out of the few I’ve seen from him, it’s also his most personal, soulful, and inspired movie to date. I really can’t think of anything I’d complain much about. Can’t wait to see this again. Please go check it out.

Kevin Falk: The Shape of Water (10/10)

A very unique imaginative take on what is essentially a much darker adult version of Beauty and the Beast. However, the film is so much more personal and layered than that. This is due to a standout performance by Sally Hawkins who is able to convey some genuine emotion and passion without ever uttering a single word. It’s simply put the best actress performance I think I’ve seen all year. The film really is an exploration of the deepest human desires and how we all want to be understood and treated as such. With the help of outstanding directing from DelToro and through the use of extremely convincing motion capture. The Shape of Water honestly blew me away in every way it possibly could. Trust me the concept may seem familiar but you’ve truly never quite seen it done to this effect before. Highly recommend checking out this soon to be classic fairy tale as soon as possible.

Ashley Menzel: The Shape of Water (9/10)

Every aspect of The Shape of Water works together to create a memorable and fantastical world with rich characters and a classic story. Del Toro takes a fairy tale theme and makes it 100% for adults. The Shape of Water is visually spectacular and a gift to the world of cinema and a beautiful must-see treat for Del Toro fans.

Scott Menzel: The Shape of Water (9/10)

The Shape of Water is a must-see mesmerizing fairy tale for adults. It combines Beauty and the Beast with several stories from the Grimm fairy tales. The result is something that is a one of a kind experience and is not to be missed. This is the film that del Toro fans have been yearning for ever since he blew audiences away with Pan’s Labyrinth back in 2006. The cast, the visuals, and the story are remarkable making this one of the year’s most memorable and beautiful films. I cannot wait to rewatch this one over and over again.

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for The Shape of Water:  9.4/10

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