Gradebook: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Gradebook: Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Mark Krawczyk: Spider-Man: Homecoming (9/10)

I really enjoyed this film a lot more than I thought I would. It was a great story that didn’t get too heavy and had a wonderful youthful energy to it. This is one of the first MCU PG13 films that is actually made for its target audience(Teens) and NOT for those 20 something and older FANBOYS. Sorry but much of the MCU films lean towards them. My teenage boys were fully engaged in this film, and I could tell they really connected with Peter Parker because he looked and actually acted his age. This is true under 18 comic book film at its heart. The story was interesting enough to keep me engaged. Michael Keaton is now not only my favorite Batman, but he is now one of my all time favorite MCU villains. He does a great job of bringing that cold darkness to the Vulture character. Meanwhile, Tom Holland is the best Parker and does a good Spider-Man. He plays this like you would imagine a true 14 year old would be with these powers. Tony Stark does not take as a big of a role as the trailer lead me to believe, and I am happy about that.The supporting cast around this film was fun, the special effects were really well done, and the action scenes looked great. I also loved the flaws and vulnerability of this Spider-Man. People complain about the suit, but I thought the additions fit well within the world of the film.

Nick Casaletto: Spider-Man: Homecoming (7/10)

Tom Holland is pitch perfect as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. His awkwardness, arrogance and genuine desire to help others are executed superbly due to Holland’s natural portrayal of the title character. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite Spidey movie to date, but no one can argue that Tom Holland is Peter Parker through and through. There’s a pureness to watching him make tough decisions as in, ‘Should I go to the high school dance? Or ‘Stop at giant flying vulture thing.’ Yes, it may be a bit more of a homage to John Hughes than one would expect, but it worked for me.

Daniel Rester: Spider-Man: Homecoming (7.8/10)

While it’s a bit too Iron Man-centric at times and lacks the emotional weight of the best Spider-Man films (i.e. “Spider-Man” (2002) and “Spider-Man 2” (2004)), “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is a breezy and very entertaining MCU film. Tom Holland is excellent in the lead, nailing the awkwardness, silliness, and arrogance of Peter Parker. The supporting cast is also fine, with Michael Keaton, a solid villain with a nice twist to his character. The film is another fun and colorful MCU ride.

Ashley Menzel: Spider-Man: Homecoming (5.5/10)

Nothing in this film really stands out from the rest. Tom Holland gives a decent performance as Spiderman but the jokes were stale and overused. Best soap scum remover in Singapore. It never really wowed me like many of the other superhero films. It was a generic, rehashed story that brought nothing new or interesting to the mix. Passable, but hope the next few films are more interesting.

Tony Estrada: Spider-Man: Homecoming (8/10)

Our friendly neighborhood finally gets his own movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it really pays off as he treated with a ton of care. Tom Holland does a really great job portraying the awkward but caring teenager that juggles the high school life and the superhero life, and Robert Downey Jr. is really splendid for the minimal screen-time he has as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Michael Keaton as the Vulture is hands down one of the best MCU villains as he brings such a terrifying screen presence to the character and there is, of course, plenty of Spidey action to have your eyes glued to the screen. There are times where the humor can fall flat, Peter’s love interest Liz wasn’t that engaging, the pacing can drag just a tad, and I do think some characters are underused but that doesn’t take away from the amount of joy that the movie brought. Spider-Man: Homecoming is not only a great Spider-Man movie, but it’s just a great movie in general — It felt like a classic John Hughes movie too which gives me another reason to admire this movie.

Adam Haskell: Spider-Man: Homecoming (8.5/10)

After not being a fan of the Marc Webb films I’m happy to report that I loved “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” this film was so awesome. Tom Holland is my 2nd favorite Spidey behind Tobey Maguire, he gets the character so well and was just so perfect for this role. The action in this is phenomenal, the humor, for the most part, is great, the cinematography is amazing, I adored the soundtrack, the villain is one of the strongest Spidey villains yet, Robert Downey Jr. (who isn’t in this as much as you’d expect) is great as Iron Man, and I seem to be in a minority but I actually loved the new love interest here (WAY more so than I did with Emma Stone in the ASM films). Jacob Batalon who plays the friend can get annoying at points, scenes can drag a little, and some characters were underused here, but man did I have such a great time with this… it’s just such a blast.This film made me so happy. Also, I just gotta put this out there: PERFECT ending. See it!

Nile Fortner: Spider-Man: Homecoming (7/10)

Out of the entire Spider – Man movies we have seen, this is definitely the funniest, and in my opinion much better than the Sony Amazing Spider – Man movies. The film does a good job of showing us Peter Parker in high school. He feels and looks like a real high school student with real high school problems. The movie does a great job of balancing the coming of age teenage story with Peter coming into his own as a hero. Holland does a good Spider – Man, but he also realizes how important it is to get Peter Parker right and relatable as well. As Peter Parker, he’s awkward, nervous, gawky, and socially a little off. As Spider-Man, he’s fun, adventurous, and best of all, he absolutely loves being a superhero!

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Spider-Man: Homecoming: 7.5/10

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