Gradebook: Thor: Ragnarok


Gradebook: Thor: Ragnarok

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Daniel Rester: Thor: Ragnarok (8.2/10)

While “Thor: Ragnarok” is easily the best of the three “Thor” films, it is also one of the best MCU films in general. The film is full of great spectacle, characters, and humor, with director Taika Waititi keeping things fresh and fast from beginning to end. Hela is also one of the better villains of the MCU, with Cate Blanchett giving a juicy over-the-top performance. Some fans may be disappointed that the film doesn’t capture much of the darkness of the “Ragnarok” comic book, but I didn’t mind since the film works on its own with the tone and story it goes for. “Thor: Ragnarok” is a blast!

Matt Marshall: Thor: Ragnarok (8/10)

Thor: Ragnarok (8/10) – While 2017 hasn’t been the best year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no arguing that it’s been the most comedic. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is a drastic departure in style and tone from ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and I welcome it with open arms. Taika Watiti’s spin on the God of Thunder has simply done wonders for Chris Hemsworth and the character as a whole. Jeff Goldblum steals the show as the eccentric Grandmaster. 10 out of 10 Goldblums indeed. It’s always a blast to see the Hulk as well, as Ragnarok delves into the Planet Hulk storyline. It’s not a top-tier MCU film, but it’s the best Marvel has to offer in 2017.

Mark Krawczyk: Thor: Ragnarok (9.5/10)

Yep, I enjoyed this film immensely. Now I am not familiar with the Planet Hulk story, so I did not have that inner knowledge BUT just as a film I enjoyed it. This has more of the vibe of Guardians of the Galaxy. It is very comical, and the humor is not forced. Taika Watiti style is just what the doctor order for Thor. Chris Hemsworth is given more freedom not to play Thor quite as stiff as we have seen in the past. This film is not afraid to let loose with the action, and the serious bits are handled with just the right amount of weight. Jeff Goldblum is just fantastic. Cate Blanchette and Tessa Thompson are amazing and wanted to see even more of them. There are a just a couple of nitpicky things with the film that I had with the quality of CGI and a couple of scenes I thought could have been trimmed but other than that Thor Ragnarok is solid not only as a comic book movie but just as an action film in general. It is now one of my favorite MCU films next to Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Winter Soldier.

Sammy Klinger: Thor: Ragnarok (9.75/10)

Even 17 films in, the MCU still manages to amaze me. This film is no exception. This is one of the best MCU films and the best Thor film. It is one of the most entertaining and funny films and the best of the MCU films released (considering how much I loved the other two that’s saying a lot). The humor is some of the best of the MCU and made me laugh soooooooo freaking hard. The performances and characters are all great and are well-developed with their moments to shine, especially The Hulk. The visuals are some of the very best of the MCU. The action scenes are entertaining and exhilarating as freaking hell. The villain was damn great. The interactions with all the characters were great. I love the Planet Hulk storyline introduced here. This film is my 3rd favorite comedy of the year while a few jokes didn’t land for me, I  can see some people who are big fans of the Ragnarok storyline being disappointed. Overall this film is a freaking blast from beginning to end. I was laughing and enjoying myself. I also saw this film in 3D which is also a recommendation. My #6 favorite MCU film at this moment and shows that even with 17 films in, the MCU still knows how to entertain, craft great stories and characters and how to keep the audience engaged.

Tony Estrada: Thor: Ragnarok (8.5/10)

Marvel has been hitting it out of the park this year and Thor: Ragnarok is the best of the three MCU movies that released this year. Taika Waititi brings so much energy in this colorful and extremely fun Thor film with such a great blend of comedy, action, adventure, and drama. The director came out and said that this is 80% improvised and if that’s the case then consider me impressed because the entire cast felt so natural with their dialogue and the interactions/banters between characters were so entertaining. The 80s type of music worked for the style of this feature including the use of Led Zepplin’s song “Immigrant Song.” Thor: Ragnarok is one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – it’s colorful, energetic, comedic, exciting, and completely satisfying.

Kevin Falk: Thor Ragnarok: (9.5/10)

While the MCU has been knocking it out of the park lately. The Thor films have always struggled to do the character justice. While Hemsworth always seemed to be into it, the films just didn’t seem to know what to do with him. Ragnarok, however, finally changes that and gives us the Thor movie we all deserve. What we have here is a film that strips Thor of pretty much everything we’ve known him to be at this point. But rather comprise the film with long dramatic scenes the film instead amps up the fun and gives us one of the most entertaining and overall best Marvel films to date.

The entire cast honestly does exceptional work and they’re all so talented and on their A game to the point where I honestly can’t find 1 single scene stealer. However what really makes this film stand out is the marvelous directing from Taika Waititti who despite the fact that this is a film in a series of now 17 films, finds a way to make this films feel like his own. The film itself excels at poking fun at many of the things the Thor films have done in the past and it never comes off as too forced or dumb. And because of the comedy feeling so consistent in this film, I found that the dramatic moments stood out even more than that of Marvel’s previous efforts. It’s just great to finally see a Thor film that is so confident and unapologetic. Marvel is highly aware of the fact that since they are so far into their series at this point they need to find new exciting ways to tell their stories. Luckily so far they’ve been succeeding at it and hopefully will continue to do so in the coming films. This has easily been one of the strongest years for the MCU and this film was a great way to close it out

Ashley Menzel: Thor: Ragnarok (6.5/10)

This is one of those reviews where I struggle to “rate” a film. While I think that Thor Ragnarok was an incredibly entertaining film to watch with a plethora of humor and special effects, I left the theater feeling disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, everything in the film SHOULD click, but something is missing. The something that is missing is the genuine joy of seeing a superhero movie that fills you with wonder and delight and holds you until the next big superhero film that should be six months or a year from now. As I said, should be. The next superhero film, Justice League, is set for exactly two weeks after this release. I think what we are seeing is a superhero film fatigue. There are a few of the films that stand out from the crowd and make a splash such as Wonder Woman and the first Guardians of the Galaxy, but they are few and far between. Thor Ragnarok is unfortunately not one of those films. This was disappointing for me since it was one of my most anticipated films of the rest of the year.

Scott Menzel: Thor: Ragnarok (7/10)

Thor: Ragnarok delivers exactly what Marvel fans always wanted in a Thor film. It is without question the best Thor film which makes it incredibly fun to watch yet totally forgettable. Marvel fans and moviegoers will be thoroughly entertained by Thor: Ragnarok from beginning to end. It will certainly keep fanboys and fangirls entertained until Black Panther, and Infinity War hit next year. Thor: Ragnarok is a fun big-budget spectacle that will be best enjoyed with a group of friends looking for a movie with a lot of laughs, stunning visuals, and some solid action sequences.

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for Thor: Ragnarok: 8.4/10

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