Gradebook: Winchester

Gradebook: Winchester

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Kevin Falk: Winchester (2/10)

One of the most ill-conceived, derivative and downright lazy horror films I’ve seen in quite a while that does contain some solid performances but focuses on a story that is incredibly painted by numbers and is entirely focused on the wrong character. The film also has some of the most forced jumps scares I think I’ve ever seen that pretty much overtakes the entire film (Seriously I can’t think of a scene that went by without some kind of jump scare.) It also includes a climax that just really overcomplicated the overall story and ends in the most anticlimactic way possible. Overall I didn’t have many expectations going into it but this is WAY worse than I ever could’ve imagined. I honestly don’t know how they wasted this much potential with a story that in hindsight is really interesting. I would love to see more stories about Sarah Winchester and the mansion in the future just nothing ever involving these characters again.


Mark Krawczyk: Winchester (2/10)

CBS Films has yet to really wow me…or for that matter entertain me. The film opens with an interesting concept and setup. Unfortunately there is very little pay off. The big names in this film try to make the most of a lack lust script that relies solely on the jump scares to instill fear in the audience. The REAL fear the people in the audience will feel will be around the half hour mark when they fear they have wasted their money, and they would be right. This film boasts about being in this large house that is film with odd rooms….we get to see 6 rooms maybe…and a few corridors. So much potential and instead we get a generic, uninsipired horror film. One of the first films in a long time where I had to fight to not fall a sleep. Really just skip and wait for rental.

Matt Marshall: Winchester (2/10)

While the annual January dumping ground seemed to get a pass this year, Winchester simply delayed it by a month. Winchester takes very few risks in this paint-by-numbers jump scare horror film. While the labyrinthine mansion is beautiful and creepy to behold, what happens inside is rather boring. Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke are wasted from start to finish and it’s a shame, especially with how talented both actors are. Perhaps undertaking both Jigsaw and Winchester in such a short time span was too much for the Spierig Brothers. At least Jigsaw was dumb fun.

Average We Live Entertainment Gradebook Score for Winchester:  2/10

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