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Nick Casaletto: Wish Upon (4/10)

In the end, Wish Upon is another Final Destination rip-off, with a splash of The Box and Shazam for good measure. The PG-13 rating disservices the genre, the film has no real target audience, and I don’t expect to be seeing Wish Upon staying at the multiplex for too long.

Mark Krawczyk: Wish Upon (3.5/10)

I love horror movies. I love the fact we have many more wide release horror films in the last few years. Unfortunately, many of the wrong horror films are getting a wide release. This is one of the wrong horror films. The performers do their best they can with the uninspired characters they have been given. The mythology around the box was interesting, and I wish that were explored more. The deaths were mediocre. The main plot was bland. This film is just there. It is not written for true horror fans and at the same time not creative enough for even the casual fan. If you wish to see this movie, wait for Netflix or V.O.D. which is where this film should have gone to in the first place because it did not deserve a wide release to theaters.

Matt Marshall: Wish Upon (2/10)

From the director of ‘Mortal Kombat: Annihilation,’ ‘The Butterfly Effect 2’ and ‘Annabelle.’ If that doesn’t sound the sirens, I don’t know what will? With a complete overhaul, ‘Wish Upon’ could have done wonders for the timeless terror of ‘The Monkey’s Paw.’ Even a ‘Goosebumps’ episode with a similar premise did immensely better in the 90s. And that’s saying a lot. The film takes no chances or risks. Sure you want to be a light version of ‘Final Destination’ shoehorned in there, but there’s no payoff as a castrating PG-13 horror film. It reminds me of one of those January dumping ground movies that’s frustrating, then slips your mind much sooner than later.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Wish Upon: 3.2/10

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