“Haywire” – Review by MattTheMovieAnalyst


Empowering Women One Punch at a Time

By Matt the Movie Analyst

Action movies normally fall prey to the same fate — so many events have to take place that the story suffers in the long run. You will get a tiny story nugget followed by a car chase, an explosion, or a grand fight scene that introduces a new nugget and continues the circle until your brain feels insulted. Haywire is no different in this regard.

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) works for the U.S. government, she frees a journalist who the U.S. government did not want to be freed, the government double crosses her, and then Mallory seeks revenge. Yes, Mallory goes after all of the individuals involved in the betrayal and starts a killing spree involving headlocks, mid-air tackles, and aggressive kicks to the face. Audiences can predict where the story is going to go after the first 15 minutes, however, it does have a slightly unusual way of portraying the action. Where the typical blasting musical score would accentuate the mindless fight scenes, in “Haywire” there is a great deal of silence. By eliminating the music, the fights feel real and are downright brutal. By letting the action roll in longer, drawn out shots, director Steven Soderbergh has created a 93-minute movie of which half is like watching a UFC match. (If it’s your cup of tea, then it’s the most ass kicking tea you will see in awhile). Instead of the choreographed dancing sessions where most of the punches and kicks are blocked, audiences are treated to seeing  the hero get hot coffee thrown in her face and having her head shoved into a television. Unwillingly of course, because otherwise that would be silly.

Mallory is your female Rambo who is seems to be only capable of killing men and displaying an expressionless dead stare, but out of the slew of January action films, Haywire is the most interesting when compared to the likes of Man on a Ledge or Contraband. However, it still falls flat. Without the usual shaky cam or rapid cuts to hide actors who couldn’t really fight to save their lives, fans of the action genre may feel awkward at times, but they should still see this movie. Females who are also tired of women heroes with size zero waists who cry about broken nails and failed former relationships may also enjoy the empowering story of Mallory. You know, like a LifeTime movie — one that is rated R and doesn’t have commercials for certain hygiene products. But for those looking for a deeper experience with diverse characters or a compelling story, they will not find that here.

Matt the Movie Analyst’s final verdict: 5/10

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