“Hollidaysburg” Review by Ashley Menzel



Produced by Zachary Quinto, “Hollidaysburg” catalogues the 20 something youth of a small town in the middle Pennsylvania as they return home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The cast is comprised of unknown actors, all of whom do an incredible job of portraying an extremely realistic dilemma that faces many young adults returning home. plays Tori, the once dorky and shy high school student who has come out of her shell in college and relishes in the idea of recreating herself. In contrast, we have her best friend, Katie played by Kate Boyer, and her friend Scott played by Tobin Mitnick, who can’t wait to return to their high school home, hoping for some nostalgic visit. Scott is met with a girlfriend who breaks up with him and a virtually empty house, since his parents are moving.

As someone who comes from an area extremely close to the setting of this film, I connected greatly with the film and the characters. It was like watching a very painful high school reunion. The cinematography, while extremely low budget, was technically fine. The story was again, realistic and loveable and the actors were relatable. I ask myself if many people who don’t live in or have never lived in that area, would they connect to the film as much? Overall, the film was a realistic, heartfelt portrayal of the growth and change that occurs  when young adults leave their home for college, only to realize they are unable to return to the life they once knew.

Overall: 6/10

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