Horror Thursdays: “Dys-” (2014) Review by Mark Krawczyk


Hello my fellow horror fiends. For the month of August, Horror Thursdays will be covering micro budget, crowd funded, independent horror films that are on the festival circuit or just hitting distribution.  These are the types of filmmakers you need to keep your eyes on. Remember Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, and James Gunn all started out doing indie, micro budget films. Heck even the original Psycho was an independent horror film. Do not under estimate the power of indie horror cinema.

On the chopping block today is a film from director Maude Michaud and starring Shannon Lark called “Dys-” with special appearance from Lynn Lowery.

Dys- Official Site: http://www.homeiswherethehurtis.com/

Dys- Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/homeiswherethehurtis





Movie: Dys- (2014)

Director: Maude Michaud

Plot: Due to a viral outbreak in the city, estranged married couple Eva and Sam barricade themselves in their small apartment. Forced to be around each other constantly, the situation tests their relationship and their sanity.

Cast: Lynn Lowry, Shannon Lark, Luc Bernier

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