Horror Thursdays: “Pontypool” (2009) – Review by Mark Krawczyk & Joe Cauwel

Greetings and Salutations to all my horror fiends. Well the votes were tallied and winners have been picked. The viewers have spoken and I listened.   The movies I will be reviewing this month are :


Humanoids from the Deep


See No Evil 2

Trick r Treat.

THANK YOU very much to everyone who voted in the “Choose the Reviews for October”.  I will be doing it again in a few months so stay tuned for that.

I wanted to make these reviews extra special as it is October, the horror fiends favorite month of the year so all the reviews this month will be co-reviews. That’s right! I will be sitting down with a number of different movie reviewers to talk about the films you voted on.   The first movie up for review this month is “Pontypool” starring  Stephen McHattie.  I am joined by Joe Cauwel from Cauwel3 Reviews to talk about this unique thriller.



Movie: Pontypool (2009)

Director: Bruce McDonald

Plot: A deadly virus infects a small town in Canada.

Cast: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly

Look for more from Joe Cauwel here: http://www.youtube.com/cauwel3

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