Horror Thursdays: “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies” (2014) – Review by Mark Krawczyk


On today’s episode of Horror Thursdays Mark “The Movieman” climbs in the ring and takes on the independent horror movie Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.  “Whatcha gonna do when ‘The Movieman’ runs wild on you!!”



Movie: Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014)

Plot: Shane “The Franchise” Douglas accidentally kills a man in the ring. The man’s brother, looking for revenge, makes a deal with a demon to have power to control the undead. The man then lures Shane and a group of fellow wrestlers to participate in a show. A show that pits the wrestlers against his army of zombies.

Cast: Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Jeremy Ambler, Matt Hardy, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Shane Douglas, Taya Parker

Director: Cody Knotts

Here is the schedule for the next set of public showings for the film:

March 27 Mission Valley Cinema
March 28-Parkersburg, WV
March 31-Capitol Cinema Cleveland
April 3-New Orleans
April 9-Detroit
Chicago April 8 (confirming)
Grand Rapid Michigan April 10

For more information check out their website http://prowrestlersvszombies.com/ for a showing near you. Also their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Pro.Wrestlers.vs.Zombies

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