Horror Thursdays: “The Big Bad” (2011) Review by Mark Krawczyk

Horror Thursdays: “The Big Bad” (2011) Review by Mark Krawczyk

Today we head into the woods and go on a surreal trip while reviewing this independent horror film.



Movie: “The Big Bad” (2011)

Director: Bryan Enk

Plot: A women looking for revenge on the monster that destroyed here family, goes on a journey that leads her into a dark, surreal world that doesn’t like normal people sniffing around in it.

Cast: Jessi Gotta, Jessica Savage, Timothy McCown Reynolds

About the Author:  Mark Krawczyk has been reviewing films since 1993. He is the host of WeLiveFilm.com’s Horror Thursdays and has his own movie review show on his channel that you can catch here www.youtube.com/SpecialMark  and on Twitter @moviemaniac3d

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