Horror Thursdays:”The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies from Hell”(2014) Review – Mark Krawczyk

It is that time again horror fiends, movie maniacs and filmsters! Today we look to the independent micro budget movie scene and take on the film “The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies from Hell”. Well where else would you expect Zombie babies to come from.

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Movie: “The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies From Hell” (2014)

Director: Jeremiah Morehouse

Cast: Brii Davis, Jessica Bloom, and Jake Dillman with a special appearance by Lloyd Kaufman

Plot:A botched demon summoning causes three high school friends to become the de facto saviors of their home, Cranberry Lake. It’s a race against time to correct the ritual before a legion of demonic zombie babies eat the entire town.

Click here for the official”The Biker Warrior Babe vs The Zombie Babies from Hell” website: http://www.bikerwarriorbabe.com.

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