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Another hilarious dip in the tub.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 reunites Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Jacob (Clark Duke) as they take another dip in the hot tub to find out who is behind Lou’s assassination. Hoping to go back in time to save Lou’s life, the guys end up in the future where they meet Adam’s son Adam Jr. (Adam Scott). The trio now becomes a quartet as they embark on a quest to find Lou’s killer. 

Unlike The Hangover 2 & 3, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 delivers the laughs, has its own original story, and even adds a new character that actually serves a purpose to the film’s storyline. I am not going to say that Machine 2 is better than the original but I will say it does hold its own and its great to see that the story continues to be self aware, relentless, and as ballsy as ever.

While there are several hilarious moments that range from the guys looking in a mirror and calling each other names to semen in the face; the best part of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is still the chemistry between Lou, Nick, and Jacob. I absolutely love that fact that no matter what happens to Lou, he still remains the asshole of the group. Lou is so unlike most film characters because he is  consistently an asshole throughout not just one film, but two. I applaud Corddry and Josh Heald for sticking to their guns with this character.

It is also nice to see that the Heald decided to dive into the relationship between Lou and Jacob more in this sequel. A lot of the story is focused on how much Lou has effected Jacob in the future. The two have some pretty great arguments with one another and this helps shape Jacob as a character. Jacob has some great moments in the sequel especially when he attempts to hit on this hot girl at Lou’s party who is so out of his league.


As much as I love Lou and Jacob, Nick is still my favorite character of the original gang. I love how Nick is famous for a lot of popular songs that he simply stole and changed the lyrics too. Just like Lou, he shows no remorse for what he did yet still manages to be the most level headed of the bunch. Nick is also still the funniest character. Its pretty incredible that Robinson is so naturally funny that he doesn’t even have to do much in order to earn the laugh.

What was the most surprising thing of all about Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is that I really thought the film would suffer quite a bit without John Cusack returning as Adam. While I did miss his prescience for the first 15 minutes as soon as his son Adam Jr was introduced, I enjoyed his character just as much, if not a bit more than Cusack. Adam Jr is so naive that it was just funny watching him try to interact with Lou, Jacob, and Nick. He was like the odd man out but somehow fit into the film so well.

Josh Heald‘s script takes a stab at the future, reality television, and even, the smart car. Heald’s script works because instead of banking mainly on nostalgia like the first film did, this sequel takes a stab at the 2000s and the future instead. One of the film’s funniest moments involves a future reality television show called Choozy Doozy. The show is hosted by a pretty recognizable actor who makes a cameo and the show’s premise relies on audience members challenging celebrities to do crazy things like eating a ton of waffles. Although filled with incredibly low-brow humor, this scene made me laugh pretty freaking hard.

All in all, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is relentless and takes no prisoners. The film has balls and big ones at that. It doesn’t care that a lot of its jokes are mean-spirited or border on being extremely offensive because it knows exactly what it is and what its going for. A lot of critics might complain that the film is loaded with dick and pop culture jokes but they are missing out on the joke of the film itself. Steve Pink’s film is self aware, it never takes itself too seriously, and commits to everything that his first film stood for. It is more of the same in some degree but it definitely takes new risks and tells a new story that dares to follow these selfish characters through the future, past, and future’s past. It’s an incredibly stupid journey that is a wickedly fun time travel experience!

Oh and don’t forget to stay during the credits. There are a lot of hilarious moments where the gang goes through time.

MovieManMenzel’s rating for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is a 7 out of 10.

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