“How to Make Money Selling Drugs” – Review by Mike Holtz


How to Make Money Selling Drugs Review

by Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

Have you ever spent any time  playing Mafia, Godfather, or Grand Theft Auto? The thrills in these video games that come from stealing a car or being an up and coming drug dealer/hitman/thief for most of us is the fact that we would never do any of that in real life. For the majority of us who aren’t full-time criminals, these games give us a glimpse into the probably-exciting but mostly morally wrong lifestyles of others. In a way, that’s what How to Make Money Selling Drugs does for us too. Right or wrong, this kind of thing is real and it is happening. Thanks to Director Matthew Cooke for making such an interactive documentary and Bert Marcus Productions for making the risky film, we get to experience it ourselves for 90 minutes.

The point of Drugs is to point out the hypocrisy in our nations drug war by making an entertaining and, as mentioned above, video game-like expedition into the world of drug sales. The doc interviews current or former drug users and pushers such as 50 Cent and Freeway Rick Ross who introduced crack to Los Angeles and at one point made over a million dollars a day doing it. The reason Drugs is so interactive is in the films presentation. You are made to feel as though you are actually planning on climbing the ranks in the drug world from being a street dealer to a cartel leader and its all good fun because they save the repercussion’s of such actions for the end. You know there is a bigger point brewing however because there is no way a documentary without a more important agenda would never see the light of day….and this is true.

Eventually after explaining the fascinating details of the amount of money to be made in selling drugs we end up talking about the governments insane reliance upon dated drug laws to enforce a drug war that profits the wrong people and sometimes incarcerate the wrong people as well. All while never really fixing the issue at hand.  Much like other documentaries of its kind How is a bit too one sided.  However there are some great points made and truisms spoken even from famous actors such as Susan Sarandon and Woody Harrelson.

Any reasonable person could tell you that it seems a bit off that we spend so much money trying to catch pot dealers while the government themselves make money off of potentially lethal and dangerous substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. How does a great job of showing us the repercussions of all of this nonsense without becoming preachy because of its video game like layout and riveting first hand accounts. Overall, this is a way more entertaining documentary than any covering the same topic before it. Amidst the vast array of information this film throws at you Drugs is somehow never boring. The first hand accounts come from celebrities like Eminem or behind the scenes players like a retired drug enforcement cop himself are moving and help make How to Make Money Selling Drugs work on every level — from the street corner to the cartel.


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