Irresistible Review & Interview: Rose Byrne talks about her love of political driven films and working with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart’s latest film Irresistible is now playing at Drive-In theaters across the country and is available to stream on multiple Video on Demand services like Fandango Now and Amazon Prime Video. I recently had a chance to watch Irresistible in preparation for a few interviews with the cast but before I jump into my interview with Rose Byrne, I wanted to share my take on the film which I really enjoyed.

Irresistible is a political comedy written and directed by Jon Stewart. If you are familiar with Stewart’s passion for politics, then it should be no surprise that he would make a film centered around Gary Zimmer (Steve Carell), a big shot democratic strategist who just lost a major election. Looking for a rebound, Gary stumbles upon a video of Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper), a retired veteran whose recent rant at a Wisconsin town hall made headlines. Needless to say, Gary sees this an opportunity to redeem himself and flies to Wisconsin to talk to Jack about running for Mayor of Deerlaken.

Now, while this concept may seem completely unbelievable to some, the world that we are currently living in says otherwise. That being said, it isn’t too much of a surprise that Stewart, whose own claim to fame was The Daily Show, would create a film that is centered around the concept of a viral video star running for some sort of office especially since we have a reality tv star in the White House. Stewart uses his knowledge and passion for politics to create a film that is comedic but at the same time  exposes how much corruption exists within the world of political campaigning no matter what party you stand behind.

I won’t go into too much detail but the marketing behind this film is somewhat misleading. Irresistible is not the comedic laugh riot that the trailer leads you to believe. While the back and forth banter between Steve Carell’s Gary and Rose Byrne’s Faith works and produces some solid laughs, the film ultimately serves as a wake-up call to all Americans by showing them that both parties involved in political campaigning aren’t ethical. Now, if you go into this film expecting to laugh every few minutes, I regret to inform you that this isn’t that movie. The laughs are there but they are spread out and very much dependent on what you personally find funny. To me, there are some good laughs because politics amuse me and I am aware of how corrupt most politicians are. If you can’t find humor in politics then this film will more than likely not work for you.

Now, there is something that happens in the third act that will be the make or break for most who view this film. The third act packs a punch and was rather unpredictable. However, some who watch this film are going to be upset or disappointed with the way the story plays out. To me, it is the third act that made the film a must-watch because I appreciate what Stewart is trying to say with this film. This movie is very much like a political debate where I can see certain people disliking it while others will love it for what it says about politics in the United States.

Irresistible is in no way a perfect film but what the film does accomplish so perfectly is showcase how close-minded most Americans are when it comes to politics. We believe that our party is the right party with our best interests in mind. The harsh reality, however, is that it is all a game and politicians know exactly what people want to hear. There is so much corruption in politics and while Stewart only scratches the surface in this film, he does end up making sure that viewers know that it is happening. It should also be noted that Stewart’s film doesn’t pick a side. Instead, he focuses on how these campaigns are all about money and selling a personality to the public. The film reflects upon how almost everyone from the media to those on the campaigns seem to care more about the job than the fact that they are being lied to. The film acknowledges the flaws in our political system. Stewart recognizes that as long as the person running is saying what they want to hear that we rarely know if they are lying to us. Stewart and this cast nailed that. They made a film that shows how silly political tactics can be and why no matter who gets elected, it will always create some sort of divide.Irresistible is smart, funny, and edgy film that is a definite a must-see especially for those who follow politics.

Below is my interview with Rose Byrne for the film where we talk a little bit about politics as well as what it was like to work alongside Jon Stewart.

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