“It Follows” (2015) – Review by Clay Bloodworth

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‘It Follows’ a modern, unsettling gem

WOW. Put simply, that was the single thought running through my head as I left the crowded screening of “It Follows”. I noticed a distinct haze of uncertainty hanging over the throng of people leaving the theater, none of them fully realizing or understanding what they just saw. But luckily, I was there in a sense that they weren’t. I connected, and knew what I witnessed. Something odd. Something out of the ordinary. A horror experience that doesn’t come along often. Not one without flaws, just one with more interesting ideas at play than your average “scary” movie. Infused with a synth, electronic soundtrack that gets your blood pumping long before the characters, it quickly finds its own creepy rhythm and entrances you from then on.

The story is pretty straightforward, that is, once you know what you’re dealing with (even if the characters don’t). A twenty-something girl is involved in a sexual encounter and, due to this, is followed by an unknown force that wants her dead. This force is passed on from person to person strictly through sexual means, and is the only way to get rid of the threatening presence. Unlike most films of the same genre, we have no idea where it could go. Its unpredictable in every sense of the word and keeps the audience guessing throughout.

One thing I really admired about it was its intimate nature. Most horror films tend to stand back a bit and let the audience be a mere bystander. However, “It Follows” does the exact opposite. The viewer is right there with the main characters as the action unfolds, never feeling disconnected. We know these people, and feel for them as such. David Robert Mitchell shows great strength as a director – harkening us back to John Carpenter and other horror masters – but bringing a natural flair of his own that will transfix and mystify. Don’t miss this modern, unsettling gem. “It Follows” is now playing in limited release.

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