Ithaca Fantastik Review: Hagazussa – It’s Art, Man

When I heard that Hagazussa was the director’s thesis film, it felt appropriate to be watching it at Ithaca Fantastik. Here I am back in Ithaca watching student films again!

In four parts, Albrun (Aleksandra Cwn) tends the farm and cares for her baby. Not much happens and what does is open to interpretation, because of course, it’s art, man.

There are boils on people’s backs or maggots crawling over their feet. A lot of gathering food and firewood, milking the cattle, graphic disemboweling.

The scenery is striking and you could be satisfied just watching the fog over the mountains or Albrun trudging through the swamp. It’s not quite Terrence Malick in its ponderous approach to nature, but it’s solid still life. A rumbling monotone score permeates every scene.

Your mileage my vary with Hagazussa and it’s supposed to. He didn’t even plan to release it but it’s the type of film that plays well at festivals. Certainly props are in order for compiling 102 minutes of footage that has a thematic thread, if not quite a narrative one.

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