“Jack the Giant Slayer” – Review by Cody Dollarhide

Jack the Giant Slayer Review

by Cody Dollarhide

                Jack the Giant Slayer is another Hollywood revamp on a Grimm Brothers’ story. I, for one, enjoy all the new spins that have been coming out. They are not to much on the childish side, and usually have a decent cast. The plot of this movie follows the stereotypical action movie; average person comes out of their shell and does something spectacular, gets the love of their life, and gains respect from their peers. The special effects were decent and the 3D was almost necessary with how beautiful the landscape was and how large the giants were. The producers put a lot of money into the effects and it shows.

Nicholas Hoult, as Jack, has just been noticed by me and I think he is going to make a large name for himself, because he has a lot of potential. Ewan McGregor, as Elmont, or the Leader of the Royal Guards, is in my top five favorite actors and I am getting tired of seeing him in supporting roles. Eleanor Tomlinson, Princess Isabelle, is a name I do not recognize and I believe was strictly hired for her looks, because her acting was sub-par at best. Eddie Marsan, Crawe, is a really underrated actor that plays in a few of my favorite movies, and it was a pleasant surprise to see his face.

Overall, this movie was really pretty, but that is about all it had going for it. Nice scenery, a few recognizable faces, and decent fight scenes. Sadly, those are not enough for me to say I whole-heartedly enjoyed it. I give it a 3 out of 5, and half a point is a bonus just for having Ewan and Eddie in the cast.

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