Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer Talk ‘LUCA’

Streaming now exclusively on Disney+ is LUCA, the newest Pixar film directed by Enrico Casarosa. LUCA tells the story of a young sea monster named Luca who dreams about life on the surface. One afternoon, despite his parents telling him not to, Luca makes his way to the small Italian town of Portorosso. Once he arrives, Luca discovers that he becomes a human boy whenever on land. While exploring life in Portorosso, Luca meets Alberto, another curious sea monster around the same age. The two instantly become friends and spend the summer learning all about what it is like to be alive.

We Live Entertainment recently attended the global virtual press conference for LUCA. In the film, Jacob Tremblay voices Luca while Jack Dylan Grazer voices his best friend, Alberto. During the press conference Jacob and Jack shared a lot about what it was like voicing these characters and what it was like to make a film during the covid-19 pandemic.

What it was like to record lines at home:

Well, being in my mom’s closet for a year, it was definitely a stretch for me, a challenge for me as an actor, and as just a human being. It got hot in there.  And I bet my neighbors were really freaked out about the amount of screaming that was going on from my house. I don’t know what they were thinking.  I was screaming like, help and I don’t know, and all that crazy stuff.  So it was definitely a testament. And it got hot. It was a hot COVID summer so… – Jack Dylan Grazer

I was very, very lucky because I actually started recording before COVID hit. So I was able to go into the San Francisco studio, and you know, they gave me the tour. But then, you know, COVID happened and I was actually originally gonna record at my house, but the plans kinda changed and I got lucky and was able to record at the studio in Vancouver. – Jacob Tremblay

On playing their characters and how similar they are to them:

I definitely relate to Luca in a lot of ways. His eagerness to go out and explore, especially right now because of COVID. I feel like we can all really relate to Luca in wanting to go out and just ride a Vespa through Italy.  So yeah, I definitely relate to that.  And then also I mean, the whole Silencio Bruno part I definitely relate to, because in acting you have to really go a hundred percent on all your performances or else it’s gonna fall flat. So I have to make sure I sound the part and step out of my comfortable zone. – Jacob Tremblay

Um, I’m definitely an Alberto. I’ve always kinda been a dare devil. I’ve always been, like, the first person to do the thing, and be like, hey guys follow me as I climb up this tree and then catch the squirrel, or whatever.  Or like, if I ever got triple-dogged dared to do anything, there was no other option in the world but to do it, no matter what. If another guy dared me to do something, I was like, okay guys really I don’t wanna do that.  And then they’d be, I triple-dog dare you. Oh my god, okay. I don’t have any other option.  And, I think I need more integrity. I mean I didn’t really come across many challenges other than being in the closet.  It was still very fun.  Um, it’s the greatest doing animation because you don’t have to memorize your lines, and you can just read ’em. So it’s actually easier, and way more fun. – Jack Dylan Grazer

What lessons do you hope to take with you in life and in your careers:

I think we all can learn a lot from this movie, but for me, that Silencio Bruno part, I really like how it’s using your words to silence your anxiety about certain things, and, you know, as I said earlier, you really need to do that for acting a lot, so I really hope that can help me in the future. – Jacob Tremblay

I think, honestly, the overarching message in this film is being comfortable in your skin and not dressing the part for anybody but yourself, and just being at peace with your authentic self. Not having to hide, or be ashamed of who you truly were born to be. Born to shine and also finding the right friend who can lift you up and help you evolve in that way. – Jack Dylan Glazer

Be sure to check out LUCA streaming now on Disney Plus

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