James Mangold Is Helming a Boba Fett Movie

If they can do a movie about how Han Solo got his start, then why not a movie about the infamous Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Mangold is writing and directing a stand-alone movie about Boba Fett, who we all know to be the relentless mercenary who crime-lord Jabba the Hutt hires to find Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. The details of this new plot is still under wraps, and reportedly Mangold will co-writer with X-Men writer Simon Kinberg.

The helmeted and jet-packed Boba, whose face we’ve never seen, is most definitely a favorite among fans, appearing in the prequel movies as well in a brief subplot about his origins. He was also heavily featured in the books, comics, animated series and a big part of the Star Wars toy collection.

As I mentioned in my Solo review, those powers that be at Disney are going to keep making Star Wars movies, no matter how thin they spread things out. The one exciting thing about this new SW idea – at least at this point – is Mangold, who really took the Wolverine story to another level with his intense R-rated Logan. That was an impressive piece of filmmaking, taking the superhero genre into a very dark place.

While Disney/Lucasfilm would never allow any of the Star Wars movies to be R-rated, let’s just imagine the possibilities for a second. I mean, if any character in the Star Wars canon could be totally sleazy and foul-mouthed, Boba Fett might be it because we literally know next to nothing about him. And have never heard him speak. So yeah, it would be a lot of fun to throw him into an edgier world. But alas, I fear this Boba Fett movie will just be more of the same.

By the way, THR reports that Lucasfilm is also developing movies on a slew of characters including Obi-Wan Kenobi, which has Stephen Daldry in negotiations to direct. Yep, never-ending.

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