“Kelly & Cal” (2014) – Review by Clay Bloodworth


Kelly and Cal is one of those movies that starts out in an amazing way. We get to know our main character, Kelly, who is fresh from having a baby only six weeks earlier with her husband and is feeling exhausted and overworked. In comes the hilarious, handicapped teenager living next door who serves as the antidote to all her problems. They have laughs, drink beer, and start to build a relationship that is more meaningful than anything either of them have had in a long time. But though it starts off well (maybe even excellent) it soon deteriorates in a slow decline that ends when the credits roll. And the disappointment wouldn’t mean much if the film hadn’t given you a taste of what it could’ve been, but unfortunately, it does.

Some of the best scenes at the beginning include the two of them bullshitting and having a great time talking about their problems, and nothing more than that. All either of them needs is a friend or simply just someone to talk to. But the movie turns into something it shouldn’t be, something that’s extremely cliche and never needed to happen, a romance.

Just like so many other films, we see them start to connect and their forbidden relationship ensues. She has a husband and a baby, he’s under 18, I think you can see what’s coming. And frankly, it doesn’t work. It tries to become emotional, possibly pulling at your heartstrings, but by the time that happens you could care less. There’s so many moments when I was cursing under my breath hoping that the movie wouldn’t go down the road it does.

And what’s even worse, the two leads are great together. Juliette Lewis (Kelly) and Jonny Weston (Cal) have so much potential that is wasted, and try their hardest to work with the been-there-done-that material, but even they can’t save the film. It’s a huge letdown, and one that stung. “Kelly and Cal” is now playing in select theaters and available On Demand.

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