‘Land’ Interview: Robin Wright and Demián Bichir

We are living in a strange time, one where many feel disconnected from the world surrounding them. It’s easy to feel lost and alone. To me, it’s always interesting to see just how deeply the current climate inspires cinema. It would’ve been impossible to know how relevant the new film Land would feel after the lingering effects of a pandemic. Spoiler alert, it’s a perfect film for the world we are living in. The feature film directorial debut of the wonderfully talented Robin Wright is a profound one. The actress also stars as Edee, a woman who moves to a small cabin in Wyoming to disappear off the grid. Her performance is exceptional, as is her co-star, the fantastic Demián Bichir. The actor portrays a kind man who befriends the heartbroken stranger.

We recently had the incredible opportunity to sit down with both Ms. Wright and Mr. Bichir to talk about this moving feature film. For Robin, the actress/director opened up about discovering this project and why she wanted to take it on. It’s clear that she has much love for this story, and her work has paid off nicely. For Demián, the actor spoke about working with Robin and how the two discovered a strong bond working together on this project. There is so much heart in Land, and while it’s a very short run-time, the film works on many levels; it’s a moving and poignant story. I highly recommend this beautiful feature. Robin Wright brings the stunning locale to life with the help of cinematographer Bobby Bukowski, and both Wright and Bichir give great depth and soul to the impressively written characters. Land is well worth the watch.

Robin Wright Interview:

Demián Bichir Interview:

Land  is now available to rent on all Video-On-Demand platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Fandango Now, and Vudu

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James Oster, aka JimmyO, started his career as a film reviewer at Arrow in the Head in 2006. There, he brought his movie knowledge and admiration of cinema to giving his own take on all types of horror features. From there, he officially joined JoBlo.com (in addition to AITH) where he became one of the three major critics for the site. Thanks to the connections he has made, Jimmy has managed to take his love of movies to another level. In the past couple of years, he has produced the Oklahoma horror mystery THE HARVESTERS, written and directed by Nick Sanford. And this October,, the twisted holiday thriller he co-wrote and co-produced called SICK FOR TOYS will be released on streaming VOD and Blu-Ray. Jimmy is a proud and passionate member of the HCA where he looks forward to continuing to share his passion for the art of film.

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