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An honest look at modern day relationships.

About Last Night is the modern day retelling of the 1986 cult classic with the same title. Bernie () is all about having sex without the commitment that woman want. One night, Bernie meets Joan () and a few drinks later, the two experience a night of what they both label “potentially amazing sex.” The next morning, Bernie meets up with Danny () to tell him all about last night. During their conversation, Bernie mentions that he wants to see Joan again and wants to do a double date. Later that night, Joan along with her friend, Debbie () meet the guys at a bar and they begin to talk about love and relationships.

It isn’t long before Bernie and Joan begin to fight and leave Danny and Debbie alone to engage in their own private conversation. The two actively begin to discuss their past along with their lives in general. By the end of the night, Debbie and Danny begin to feel a connection towards one another and decide to go home together. This leads to a night of amazing sex that leads to Debbie and Danny questioning whether they are ready to love again or just leave it as a one thing thing.

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Unlike most remakes, the 2014 version of About Last Night is actually better than the original 1986 version. This comes as a huge surprise to me considering that trailers for this film looked atrocious. In all fairness, About Last Night is probably one of the best and most honest films that I have seen about relationships in quite some time. This is not your typical romantic comedy where a beautiful girl falls in love with a beautiful guy. Instead its a film with real characters that fall in love, but also argue about life, love, and sex.

I think what I enjoyed the most about About Last Night is the fact that it wasn’t afraid to tackle two types of relationships at the same time. The storyline between Debbie and Danny is more of your standard romantic comedy storyline, while the relationship between Bernie and Joan is much more of how most modern day couples are. While some moments in this film are what I would label as very “Hollywood,” there are a lot of moments that I feel are very realistic. Its a nice mix of your typical love story and how love really works.

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A solid story is not all a film needs to be a home run. It needs the right actors and this film has them. I can honestly admit that I am not the biggest Kevin Hart fan, but he is starting to grow on me. I think out of everyone in this film, many have argued that his character Bernie steals almost every scene when he is on-screen. I think his character was a lot more raw and raunchy than most of his previous roles. This really worked here and I think after seeing this film people will Hart from a whole new perspective.

Michael Ealy was just as effective as Danny as Hart was as Bernie. The two characters are polar opposites with different belief systems so it was always fun watching the two argue about who was right vs. who was wrong. It should also be noted that Ealy brought some depth to the typical nice guy character. This wasn’t the normal guy who didn’t just work out and look buff, but someone who hung out with friends and went out to bars with the guys.


Personally, I thought it was the two females that stole the show in About Last Night. I love watching films with strong female leads and this film has not just one, but two strong females in it. I thought Regina Hall was hilarious as the trash talking Joan. She really didn’t know when to sensor herself and I loved that about her character, Joan. The most interesting thing is Bernie and Joan had this bizarre chemistry, but it was equally amazing as it was weird. Joy Brandt was also terrific as Debbie. I loved that Debbie wasn’t shown as the weakest link. When things start getting rocky, Debbie really delivered the emotion and begun to express herself.

Writer Leslye Headland did a solid job with creating characters that a very diverse audience could connect with. I found myself really invested in these characters and their stories. As I said earlier there are two different kinds of relationships in the film and both are shown in a positive and negative light. What I am saying is About Last Night never says to the audience that one kind of relationship is better than the other. The film ultimately shows that there are multiple types of relationships that people have and not all of them are the same. In other words, different strokes for different folks.

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The subjects addressed in this film really range from the typical things you find in your standard romantic comedies to the weird fetishes people have. The film covers a lot of ground and I really liked that it wasn’t scared to tackle the simplistic things as well as the more complicated things. There are various moments where the film is brutally honest like showing the separation of friendships when you enter into a relationship, but also pokes fun at people who fight just to have make up sex. There are several moments that are very raunchy and raw, however, unlike most comedies the jokes don’t result to gross out humor. Lastly it needs to be said that all the characters have brains and understand that their actions will have a reaction. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is watching films like this where the characters seem like they have no idea that their actions have an effect on others.

All in all, About Last Night is a honest and comedic take on modern day relationships. It’s not a flawless film as it suffers from the predictable nature that stems from being a romantic comedy, but its entertaining nonetheless. I loved the characters, their stories, and the laughs that I got to share. Its nice to see that Steve Pink was able to take a cult classic and make it something modern and his own. I think his direction along with the talented cast and script make this one of the better honest date flicks to come out of Hollywood in the past couple years.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for About Last Night is a 8 out of 10.

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