‘Little Shop of Horrors’ News: Greg Berlanti Confirms CGI Audrey II

Little Shop of Horrors News: Greg Berlanti Confirms CGI Audrey II

Greg Berlanti is attached to direct a new Little Shop of Horrors musical film. While he was at TCA on a panel for Riverdale, I asked him about his plans for the Audrey II, and Berlanti confirmed that they would use CGI.

“I think with technology being what it is right now, there’s a really opportunity to create an Audrey II that’s never been seen like that before,” Berlanti said.

He would not confirm, however, whether or not his Little Shop of Horrors would utilize the stage show’s dark ending. The 1986 movie version directed by Frank Oz had filmed an elaborate version of the ending where Audrey II eats Seymour and Audrey and leads an army of plants to take over the world. Test audiences rejected the ending and a happy ending was reshot. Only in 2012 was a director’s cut restored and released to Blu-ray, although a rough version was released on a 1998 DVD before being recalled and making it a collector’s item for over a decade.

“We’re just getting started on the script,” Berlanti said. “We just hired a writer and we’re just breaking the story.”

Little Shop of Horrors was an unlikely musical, based on a 1960 Roger Corman film that was a lark to see if he could complete a film on existing sets. With music by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, the musical version became a hit and the 1986 movie a classic. Berlanti may be even a bigger fan of it than I am.

“That musical in particular was always a favorite of mine,” he said. “I produced it in college. I was a big fan of it growing up. I saw the original production on Broadway. It’s always had a special place in my heart. I think the songs are beloved. I’ve gotten more incoming calls just about how many people love that particular show.”

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