Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney with Their Upcoming Film Line-Up at D23

On the second day of Disney's D23 Expo, we learned more about the upcoming 2019 films 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,' and 'Frozen 2.' Marvel Studios' 'Black Panther II' was officially announced as well.

Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney with their Upcoming Film Line-Up at D23

Yesterday, Disney announced its upcoming Disney Plus line-up for Day One at the D23 Expo. Today gave us a better picture of what to expect on the big screen until 2022. Alan Horn opened the panel and talking about how much they previously announced at D23 in the year’s past. He opened the panel announcing talking about the merger with Fox and four Fox titles including Ford V. Ferrari, Spies in Disguise, The Kings Man, and Avatar 2.

Horn didn’t spend much about Fox and quickly jumped into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker where Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams took to the stage to talk about the ending of the Saga. They spoke briefly about their history. Most of the main cast of Rise of Skywalker came out soon after to talk about the film including newbie Keri Russell and Naomi Ackie. Russell’s character will be a criminal and an old friend of Poe. I am getting a potential old lover vibe from Russell. Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) will be in the film via previously shot footage from the recent installments.

They revealed a new poster for the film which went over insanely well. J.J. Abrams then showed a video celebrating the long history of Star Wars as well as some exclusive footage of Rise of Skywalker. The biggest moment was when Rey took out a lightsaber which flipped out and looked very similar to one that Darth Maul had.

Next up, Kevin Feige took to the stage to talk with some news. Ryan Coogler was first up to talk about Black Panther II. No information was given about the sequel’s villain. Audiences will return to Wakanda on May 6, 2022. Eternals was next with a cast reveal of Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Selma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and others. Gemma Chan (Captain Marvel) and Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) are both confirmed to be part of the film.

A brief video for Black Widow was shown where Florence Pugh, Scarlett Johansson, and David Harbour talk about not being here because they are working on the film. There was an extended trailer shown for the film which shows an awesome fight scene in the film between Pugh and Johansson. There is also joke at the end about Black Widow fight pose. Most of the film looks like it takes place in Budapest.

Moving onto the Disney’s slate, Dwayne Johnson took to the stage via a Jungle Cruise boat to talk about his new film, Jungle Cruise.  Johnson showed the trailer for the film and then Emily Blunt took to the stage saying the trailer was too Johnson driven and that she had another take for the crowd to see. I see a new trend happening with Sonic The Hedgehog, Marriage Story, and now, Jungle Cruise, there seems to be a focus on shifting the focus of trailers to different character perspectives.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is the first of the live action sequels. Angelina Jolie came back to the stage to talk about the film and why she returned to the sequel. “I missed her,” said Jolie. Elle Fanning came out to talk about the film and felt like she grew with the character since she grew up while the first film became more popular. Michelle Pfeiffer was excited to work with women in this film and made her feel “safe.” Chiwetel Ejiofor was excited to be at D23 and was in love with the first film so he was happy to be in the second one. There was an exclusive clip shown which turned into a short trailer. Clip looked very promising. I am pumped for this one as a fan for the original.

Mulan’s director Niki Caro took to the stage to talk about what drove her to the project. Caro says the story is universal and relevant to today. There was about 8 minutes of footage shown. It looks very promising and will definitely be a big hit.

Cruella is still filming but Emma Stone did a short little video where she is distracted by a dalmatian. Emma Thomspon was mentioned that she will also be in the film. The first picture for Cruella was revealed showing Emma Stone as Cruella. To no one’s surprise, she looks 100% legit in the title role. Cruella arrives in theaters, May 28, 2021.

Pixar Studios was next up after Disney Live Action, Pete Docter has become the chief creative partner of Pixar.  He took to the stage to talk about his history with the studio and how he is honored to have this new role.  He talks the most important thing about a Pixar movie is how it connects with the audience. Docter’s new film, Soul was the first of two Pixar films to be featured at D23. The film will focus on a character named Joe Gardner, who teaches middle school band and has a passion for jazz. He falls into a sewer hole where he becomes a cute little unicorn looking creature called a Soul. Joe ends up going to the You Seminar and must find his way back to earth. Some of the voice cast announced were Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Daveed Diggs, Jamie Foxx, and TIna Fey.

Onward was the second Pixar film highlighted. It is due out in theaters March 20, 2020. The trailer didn’t do much for me. However, the director Dan Scanlon talking about the film piqued my interest. He said it was so personal to him and was about his life told in a creative way. It is about his dad. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt came on stage to a standing ovation by crowd. The Avengers: Endgame co-stars will be playing elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfooot. Julia Louis-Dreyfus voices their mom. They brought 8 minutes of the film to be shown exclusively at D23. The clip takes place on the brothers 16th birthday. Their goal is to bring their father back for a single day. Octavia Spencer will voice the film’s villain.

To close out the Disney panel was Walt Disney Animation Studios, Jennifer Lee came out to host this portion of the panel. Lee introduced a video featuring the history of Disney animation. Watching the footage reminded me of all those wonderful timeless classics that are being remade now. Lee came back out and said how much Disney spoke to her as a little girl. Thanksgiving 2020 will see the release of the studio’s 59th feature film. Raya and the Last Dragon is a fantasy adventure that will take place in Kumandra. Adele Lim wrote the film. They showed a small clip from the film and it looks incredible. Cassie Steele will be the voice of Raya and Awkwafina will voice Sisu the Dragon. The film is all about the transformative power of community says Lim.

Frozen 2 ended the D23 panel. Chris Buck came out to join Jennifer Lee to talk about the film. The film will explore the past and why Elsa has powers. Frozen 2 will complete the first film. The parents are coming back to some degree. Evan Rachel Wood will voice the mom and Sterling K. Brown will voice a new character who Anna and Elsa will meet in the Enchanted Forest. The film begins in the past with a prologue. A voice is calling Elsa. They showed a clip from the film showing the gang playing charades. Anna sings a song to Elsa because she can tell something is bothering her. They fall asleep only for Elsa to wake up as voice summons her. Elsa sings “Into the Unknown,” which is clearly going to become a huge hit because Idina’s voice is powerful and the song perfectly fits with several high notes that will garner plenty of applause when it is performed live during awards season.

Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff came out to sing another song from the film called “Somethings Never Change.” Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22.

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