“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” – Review by MattTheMovieAnalyst

Impossible Mission Gets Impossible-r

By Matt the Movie Analyst

The oddly punctuated Mission: Impossible movie franchise is back with its new iteration of even stranger punctuation Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Yes, the lovable, crazy actor Tom Cruise is back for another mission that can’t be impossible, otherwise the dramatic tension in the film would be too anticlimactic for U.S. audiences. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it is action packed, full of explosions, contains a great deal of sexual tension between the characters, and when analyzed thoroughly, many of the situations do not make any logical sense whatsoever.

As far as the plot goes, there’s a team of good agents, and then bad guys — it’s rather simple until an evil professor comes into the mix who wants to destroy the world with nuclear weapons to create peace on Earth. I wish I was joking, but since he’s a crazy villain, there’s no need to make sure the plot is sound — come up with any cockamamie, silly, or unfathomably unrealistic plot and make it the idea of a crazy character and everything is back to being okay. The plot is then stretched out with a series of intense scenes where people die, or nearly die, in such locations as Earth’s tallest building, a sandstorm, a prison, and the Russian Kremlin.

On an Imax screen, the action genre shines. The dramatic sound effects that interrupt soft scenes can still give audiences mild heart attacks; every punch, bone crush, neck snap, and scissor kick to the face can be felt as if you were there, no matter how unpleasant the experience would be. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol features vibrant visuals in a multitude of exotic appealing settings that make for a very aesthetically pleasing film, that is, until about the last 15 minutes that looked as if it was shot on a very different camera. In this final segment of the film when the agents have successfully completed their mission and are obviously leaving a cliffhanger for another movie, the quality of the footage is blurry, washed out, and allows the audience to see every pore in the main characters’ faces. Directed by Brad Bird of former The Simpsons episodes and many Pixar films takes an acceptable stab at the action movie genre. Ghost Protocol is one of the strongest entries in the Mission: Impossible reboot, and though it’s not going to win any awards or profoundly affect your life in any way, it’s not impossible to watch.
Matt the Movie Analyst’s final verdict: 6/10

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