“The Devil Inside” – Review by MattTheMovieAnalyst

The Devil’s in a Movie, And It’s the End

By Matt the Movie Analyst

The exorcism genre makes its yearly appearance with The Devil Inside, focusing on the always beloved topics of demons, possession, holy water, and religious dogma. This one, however, uses a lost footage approach where the entire film is more believable and creepy because of that gritty style. Though not outright scary at any point, it’s far more disturbing and creepy  than watching any lost footage of your parent’s honeymoon.

Isabella is your typical woman. Your typical woman who thinks that her mother’s possessed by demons. So she and a cameraman adventure to visit Isabella’s mother who is in an Italian mental institution for murdering a few people in the 80s. Honestly, who hasn’t? The duo takes along two renegade priests and they attempt to exorcise the demons inside of the mother. And that wasn’t a typo either; rather than the normal, ho-hum concept of one demon, there are now four stuck inside this woman, all giving her a different personality. Robin Williams, you have competition.

The entire cast puts in solid performances in both the interview segments and emotional development action scenes, creating an interesting experience until the very end. Vague spoiler alert. At a moment where it feels like there should be 10 to 15 minutes left, the screen abruptly cuts to black with text. They’ve provided a set up for the characters with interesting back stories and a reason to watch them, but it goes absolutely nowhere. The emotional investment that you as a viewer put into the film is not worth the payoff — it’s not even close. Is this trying to win over pretentious critics who like atypical endings? A way to get audiences talking about the film? A segue for a sequel?  Or maybe just an uninspired trend? In any of those situations, it’s not good storytelling. End vague spoiler alert.

Despite the ending, The Devil Inside is a fun watch even for those who do not particularly enjoy horror movies because of the documentary aspect. Simply go into the movie with the mentality that you’re going to see some exorcisms caught on camera with no satisfying ending, and you will be fine. Expect anything else, and you will slowly feel the power of the ‘disappointment demon” possessing you.

Matt the Movie Analyst’s final verdict: 5/10

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