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Every Dog Has It’s Day.

Mr. Peabody () is not your average dog. Instead of playing fetch or begging for table scraps, Mr. Peabody wants to learn about the world. After years of being overlooked for adoption, Mr. Peabody invents the Way Back Machine and travels throughout history. During his travels, Mr. Peabody decides that he wants to adopt a child to share his life with. This eventually leads to a court hearing where Mr. Peabody must prove that he is capable of raising a human child.

Mr. Peabody is ultimately awarded custody of Sherman () and the two have an incredible relationship until the first day of school. During history class, Sherman angers Penny () after correcting her response to the teacher. Unhappy with being told she is wrong, Penny begins to pick on and mock Sherman during lunch. This situation quickly turns into a huge scene that leads to everyone in the cafeteria to attack Sherman. With not knowing how to react, Sherman bites Penny in self-defense. This incident causes child services to investigate on Sherman’s living situation. This minor altercation leads to a full-fledged investigation as to whether or not Mr. Peabody is capable of raising a human boy.

With the great hope of ending any sort of investigation, Mr. Peabody invites Penny’s family over for dinner to showcase how sorry he is for Sherman’s actions. While Mr. Peabody is trying to butter up to the Penny’s parents, Sherman and Penny try to be friendly in his room. Sherman accidently tells Penny about Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Machine. Penny tricks Sherman into taking her to see the machine, which leads them to travel back in time without Mr. Peabody knowing. After realizing that he can’t control Penny in Ancient Egypt, Sherman travels back to the present to inform Mr. Peabody that Penny is stuck in the past. Now, Mr. Peabody and Sherman must travel back in time to save Penny before her parent’s find out that she has gone missing.

Holy cow, I can’t believe it took three entire paragraphs to sum up the plot to an animated movie. I guess, it goes to show you just how many layers there are to this latest Dreamworks animated adventure. The consensus is that Dreamwork’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a fun and entertaining film for adults and children alike. The film is loaded with jokes that only the adults will catch while the children will appreciate some of the more childish moments that feature poop and fart jokes.

However, unlike so many animated films nowadays, Mr. Peabody and Sherman actually entertains children and educates them. While some of the historical topics and references will go right over the heads of the little ones watching, there are plenty that will actually correspond with things that they should be learning in school. Mr. Peabody and Sherman take a journey throughout time and during their adventure they interact with many key players in history including Leonardo da Vinci , Marie Antoinette, and George Washington. The film makes history cool and any film that is capable of doing that, well it gets instant brownie points in my book.

I absolutely loved how the film showcased how obsessed schools are with trying to pass the buck on everything that happens on their watch. The fact that Sherman’s school called child services for a simple fight showcases just how irrational schools are. The fight causes Mr. Peabody to prove that he is a worthy parent, which I find truly insane. The sad reality, however is it mocks this because they do occur in real life situations. Needless to say, little kids fight and pick on one another as a normal part of childhood and it has nothing to do with how the parenting.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman also addressed things such as being different and going against the norm. The film has this really strong message about accepting people. It has a very “pro-equality” message that is pretty subtle until the entire “I’m a dog” scene occurs later in the film. I think it is good that children are being exposed to these types of non-traditional relationships early on in films. While a dog adopting a little boy is definitely silly, the message that the film conveys is a very Nobel one.

All in all, Mr. Peabody and Sherman is not an animated film that will change film history, but it is a whole lot of fun. It’s nice to see an animated film that not only caters to both adult and children, but also addresses many issues currently going on in today’s society. The animation was sharp, colorful, and looked great in 3D. With so many mediocre family films lately with the exception being The Lego Movie and Frozen, Mr. Peabody and Sherman is just what the doctor ordered for some enjoyable family entertainment.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a 8 out of 10.

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