“Murder Mystery” Yacht Party and Film Review

Luke Evans as Charles Cavendish, Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz and Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz in MURDER MYSTERY

“Murder Mystery” Yacht Party and Press Event

Some PR companies and representatives come up with some genuinely fantastic and entertaining ways to promote their films. In this case, Netflix’s Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston hosted an enjoyable event. Press members were invited to a Yacht party down in Marina del Rey, California. Once on the yacht, we received champagne and walked our way into the “Billionaires Club,” an exclusive club which had actors from the local murder mystery company.

We were quick to learn that our cruise wasn’t all booze and fun, but with a splash of murder as well. One of the members of the murder mystery company ends up killed, and we worked in teams to spend the rest of the cruise trying to interview people and solve the mystery by tracking down the murderer.

Netflix hit it out of the park, promoting the movie and providing a great deal of fun for the guests. We had champagne and a wonderful dinner as we cruised through the water on a beautiful sunny day. It was just what we needed to set the mood for the screening that evening in Los Angeles.

Gemma Arterton as Grace Ballard and Luis Gerardo Mendez as Juan Carlos in MURDER MYSTERY

Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston finds the pair back together again. They play husband and wife, Nick and Audrey Spitz from New York. Nick has lost touch with his romantic side and forgets their anniversary. As a way to cover his tracks and the fact that he failed the detective exam once again, he takes Audrey to Europe to give her the trip he always promised. Once on the plane, Audrey finds her way to first class and meets Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans), a very wealthy and well-connected man who invites them aboard his uncle’s yacht the next day. Once aboard, they meet other close friends and family of Charles’ including Malcolm Quince (Terence Stamp), his wealthy uncle who gathered all them there to inform them they are being written out of his will. Before he can sign the will, the lights are cut. Once they are back on, they’ve all discovered that Malcolm has been murdered. When suspicion falls on Audrey and Nick, the only Americans, they must work together to solve the murder and clear their names.

Adam Sandler can be a bit hit and miss for me over the last few years, but in this film, he’s found his stride. His chemistry with Jennifer is perfection, and they are truly enchanting and authentic on film. Their chemistry feels like a couple who has been married for years, and they flawlessly execute every single joke in the film. Jennifer Aniston brings the charm and joy to this character. Their portrayal of the typical middle-class husband and wife is refreshing, and Jennifer’s performance lights up the screen.

The writing in the film is hilarious. While I felt it was a bit slow to start into what the crux of the film was about, I ended up enjoying the wild and crazy ride it took. The jokes are sharply written and have something for everyone in the audience to enjoy. The intricately woven yet simple storyline is the perfect length and well-paced, spending just enough time on each storyline.

Adeel Akhtar as Maharaja Vikram Govindan in MURDER MYSTERY

The rest of the cast is pretty fabulous. Luke Evans as Charles Cavendish is charismatic and enjoyable to watch and is a fun and different role for him to play. Grace Ballard, played by Gemma Arterton, is over the top and ridiculous in the best way. I particularly loved Adeel Akhtar as Maharajah Vikram Govindan. Juan Carlos played by Luis Gerardo Méndez provides a lot of the humor in the film as well. The character is totally off the wall and not what you expect him to be when he is first introduced. They all work well to weave a web that is enticing and hilariously entertaining. 

All in all, Murder Mystery is a seriously funny and wildly hilarious film that is sure to make you laugh. There are a pretty incredible last 20 minutes of the film that will make you want to cheer and gets your heart pumping. Aniston and Sandler make a fantastic team that shines in the film and reminds us why we love them so much.

Check out Murder Mystery on Netflix today!

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