“My Name is ‘A’ by Anonymous” Movie Review – Horror Thursdays

Today I look at a film that was rather difficult to get through. “Alyssa: Portrait of a Teen Killer ” a.k.a “My Name is ‘A’ by Anonymous” is based on the real life “thrill kill” murderer Alyssa Bustamante. Find out what we though of this dark, disturbing look in the mind of a troubled teen.

It is currently available on Vimeo On Demand as well as DVD.


Movie: “My Name is A by Anonymous” ( 2012)
Director: Shane Ryan
Cast: Katie Marsh, Demi Baumann, Teona Dolnikova
Plot: Based on actual events, A teenager named Alyssa “thrill kills” a 9 year old neighbor girl with the help of her “sidekick”.

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